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Hold On… I’m Busy Shucking Corn

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First, that whole wide stance thing with Idaho Senator Larry Craig. Now, it’s some anti-Iowa comments from New Hampshire Senator and Romney Co-Chair Judd Gregg. Mitt Romney’s camp is doing a little damage control.

Judd Gregg on the Situation Room

“As a fellow supporter of Governor Romney, I’d have to respectfully say Sen. Judd Gregg and I don’t agree on everything. But I’m glad that I’m here in Iowa and Sen. Gregg’s there in New Hampshire and that we’re both working to make sure our respective states show their support for a leader like Governor Romney.”
– Doug Gross, Iowa Chairman, Romney for President Campaign

UPDATE: This afternoon at a health care forum at Des Moines University Gov. Mitt Romney responded to Sen. Gregg’s remarks. Sort of…

Romney laughing, started his response, “Both states are key states in picking the president and I’m sure the senator from New Hampshire is proud of his own state. I must admit I like the process in this country of selecting the nominee of each party… But I appreciate the work that’s done here in Iowa and I would not have spent as much time in this state had I not believed this was a critical part of the selection process and weigh them equally.”