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Let it Snow!, Traveling, and Thanks But I’ll Do My Own Giving

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I thought a lot about the first post from yesterday’s blog. Well, that’s a lie, I had one thought and then didn’t think about it again.
This is my bottom line. No one should be guilted into giving. Each of us that can contribute to his or her own community in their own way. I may make different contributions than someone else, but I would never try to guilt someone into giving. This year in particular, I sleep pretty well knowing what I’ve contributed. I’ll have a Happy Thanksgiving enjoying the things I’ve earned.
Excess in celebration isn’t always bad, waste is. I assure you, no turkeys will be wasted at the Dix household tomorrow.
Instead, small, healthy portions will be consumed in a responsible way over the next few months so we do not encourage overeating, over-use of sodium, or in any way discriminate against the beef or pork industry. I hope that will calm the giving Police.

As a side note, is anyone doing some volunteering on Thanksgiving? Even more important does anyone know of some good volunteering opportunities that can continue past Thanksgiving? Post them here.

I’m also looking to find out what you’re doing with your family while they’re in town for the holiday. Des Moines has a lot more to offer these days than it used to. Where will you go to eat? Will you show off the new parts of town or will you just hunker down and stay home?

This morning I am thankful for Jeriann. She was great about explaining the forecast, about saying she’d called the snow a little light and about telling people where and when they’d see snow in a clear way. It’s fun to work with people who love their jobs.

As if we didn’t have enough to worry about today witth travel…one in 109 cars on Iowa roads is going to run into a Deer? The good news is travel at the airport was good if you got out early. I actually had a chance to get down there this morning and one of the TSA guys told me, there’s really light passenger traffic down there today.

We put the tree in the stand last night. It’s a good one and the house smells like Christmas. The snow helps make me feel like I’m not jumping the gun.

A package was sitting on my desk this morning from Brad Hook. He sent us his auction catalogue for his “No Bull” Bred Female Sale (remember… he’s a cattle farmer). He used pictures from his adventures on Today in Iowa and the Today show in the program. Fun stuff, Thanks Brad.

Hope you all have a safe trip wherever your travels take you. We’ll be on tomorrow morning with some of our Thanksgiving favorites and we’ll put the recipes up on the blog after the show.



  • Anonymous

    What is up with this snow? I know they said it was coming, but I didn’t think it would actually hit us…or stick!Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I hope that you all are able to spend this time with the ones you love. May this holiday season bless you with happiness.Live with no regrets.Nancy

  • Anonymous

    I know that it’s important to tell the ones you love how much they mean to you, but I also know that time slips by and we sometimes forget.I agree with Nancy. Live with no regrets. This holiday season make sure you tell the ones you love how much you love them and how blessed you are that they are in your life. You don’t ever want to look back and wished you had.Happy Thanksgiving everyone!Carla

  • Anonymous

    Wow, nice comments? Am I on the right blog? HAHA! Seriously, I love this snow and I hope everyone traveling will do so safely. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Emily

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!On a side note, could you think about allowing “anonymous” comments on the GenXMoms blog? I’d like to participate there, but I just don’t want to sign up for an account. Like many posters here have said, I just don’t want another account somewhere-I get enough garbage in my inbox.Besides, I don’t think we’d run into the same issue we had on this blog; I’m guessing the readership on that blog is a bit different than the mainstream blogs, and we’re Moms who are interested in specific topics or looking for help, not for gossip.Just a thought!Thanks, and enjoy the holiday.

  • Anonymous

    I love this blog today! I wish it was like this every day…not the bashing of the good people on the morning news that we’ve seen lately.I agree with the others, tell the ones that you love how much they mean to you. What better time than Thanksgiving?Happy Holidays.

  • Jen

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!! However the snow makes me feel more like Christmas. I hope everyone has a safe, happy and healthy weekend!!!

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