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Ferentz Buzz, TPI and Football Weekend

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Good Monday Morning…and it is a good one.
The only thing I could muster up for black and gold this morning was a yellow tie and my black blazer. For the fist time in most Tiger fans’ lives, Missouri is ranked number one…and #1 in the BCS. There are still A LOT of people out there who think they don’t deserve it. We’ll see Saturday when they play Oklahoma. In any case it’s fun to watch the school you attended play for a national championship. A nod to UNI fans as they continue top play for their own. Great finish to the game Saturday! In a state where it’s Hawkeyes v Cyclones much of the time…Pather fans have scoreboard right now, and any football fan in Iowa should be cheering for them.

To some other football news…or is it news?
Ferentz on the Blog:
The question of why we broadcast the story of Kirk Ferenz “being offered the Michigan Job” is one I’ll gladly take up. Blogs are not simply rumor mills. Unlike this fine attempt at a blog, there are some blogs out there that deal strictly with news.
It’s not traditional…and you may not think it’s credible, but I tend to agree with the people who say it’s the future. Think of it this way. There used to be five newspapers in every town. They all had different sources and were, to varying degrees, credible. TV came along and was frowned on for a while. It’s not newspaper Journalism. When the Internet came along, people said the same thing. They’ll keep saying it until we sort out who’s got some credibility and who doesn’t. The National inquirer is rumor and gossip. That doesn’t mean the Sunday Register is. You can’t lump an entire format into one category.
I’d challenge our bloggers to come up with a reason why they’re certain this blog has it wrong. Do we know this bloggers sources? Do we know how well he’s connected inside the program? The Internet has opened an entirely new level of journalism to the world. Some of it is good and some of it is bad, but I wouldn’t discount it as rumor until we know more.
This blog entry may not end up being true. We may never know if it is true, unless(as Murph pointed out last night), Coach Ferentz takes the job. Keith does not take these things lightly and does not put information on the air unless he sees credibility with it. I trust his judgment.
Bottom line, Iowa’s coach is the subject of speculation in one of the highest profile jobs in College football. It’s News.

It should be the first of many good days for Newton. If TPI goes ahead with plans to put a wind turbine manufacturing plant in town, it will bring some life back to a town that could have given up a couple years ago. Instead they’ve found a way to be just as good, if not better in the years to come. I’m excited to watch where Newton goes.

We’ll see if Des Moines gets a front row seat to the CIETC trial or if it will move out of town.

Increasing Debt
Do Iowans really have more debt right now than they have in the past? A new study says yes. We’re at about $13,000 on average if you don’t count mortgage. So car loans, credit cards…stuff like that. How do you compare here? If I had to do it on my own, I know I would be much higher than this. One of the reasons I am lucky (and there are others) to be married to Sally is that she does the books. We’re not broke and they haven’t come to take the house away. She keeps us on track…and more importantly, she keeps me in line financially.

Energy First Game
I’ve said this her before…if you want entertainment like this in Des Moines…you have to go support the teams. Go see an Energy game. The tickets seem reasonable and the quality of basketball seems really good.

Hope everyone had a safe holiday weekend. I’d welcome any other recap of your holiday weekend including travel and shopping. How was it out there. Sally and I traveled to Chicago to see her parents and brother. We had a great time watching the MIZZOU game Saturday night. We made about sixteen gallons of Brunswick Stew that we distributed to Sally’s family. We put a lot of it in Tupperware and brought it back to Des Moines. We’ll have a good comfort food type meal all winter whenever we want it.



  • Melinda

    My highlight of the weekend was getting to watch UNI play. Had to go to a friend’s house to watch it, but hey, I got to watch it on a projection screen. My stomach was tied in knots though the whole game! Go Panthers!UNI Alum ’94

  • Anonymous

    GO PANTHERS!!! I hope that the coverage of this FABULOUS team is as extensive as Iowa/Iowa State coverage. UNI should get all the credit they deserve!Game on Saturday was amazing and I can’t wait to watch again this Saturday!UNI Fight SongHail our Panthers, we are ever loyal,Showing our strength and unity.As we rise, we firmly stand behind you,Urge you on to victory.Rah! Rah! Rah!As you lead us on to fame and honor,Fight! Fight! Fight! will be our cry.So, give us a yell, Ho! the purple and the gold,Victory for UNI!Proud UNI Alum!NC

  • Anonymous

    Saturday’s game was truly amazing! UNI has been working to strengthen its presence here in Des Moines–even trying to get Panther gear in local sports bars. Looks like it is finally paying off!Purple and gold forever!

  • Anonymous

    I just read on a blog that Kirk Ferentz was picked up at the CR airport tonight and taken to Ann Arbor. Amazed it is not the lead story on your homepage, as blogs are now a credible source of info for WHONationalEnquirer!

  • Anonymous

    Lets stop focusing on rumors about Ferentz (good ridance in my opinion) and focus on the positive football team in the state!!!GO PANTHERS!

  • Anonymous

    Can bloggers get fired? If not (and we know they can’t)…then where’s the consequence of making stuff up?

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