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Dems debate

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Edwards–wants universal pre-k for 4 year olds to help education. wants national teaching academies, which will pay for instruction of people to become teachers.

Obama–parents have to do their part on education. have to turn off the tv sets.

Dodd–i agree with barack. parents have to take responsibility.

Clinton–i have a daughter here. bill and i were focused on her education. fund special education.

Question–What can you accomplish your first year in office as President?

Obama–call in joint chiefs of staff. tell them to end the war in responsible way.

Biden–call in joint chiefs of staff and tell them we’re doing the biden plan. abandon bush plan on torture. get catastrophic health care coverage for all children.

Richardson–end the war. all troops out. no residual forces. universal health care, which would take a few years to fully implement.

Dodd–give back your constitution. war. robust diplomacy.

Edwards–end the war. close guantanamo. call on american people to take back this country.

Clinton–begin to end the war. find common ground. ask congress to send her everything bush vetoed.