Dems Debate

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Obama–need to tell people what they need to hear, not just what they want to hear.

Edwards–we need a prez who asks americans to be patriotic about something other than war.

Biden–how do you preserve family farmers?

Clinton–she was talking about the farm bill when she said, “Tom Harkin has been working like a trojan to get it done.” i’m assuming she is talking about one of the definitions i found on, as opposed to the other meaning of trojan.

1. of or pertaining to ancient Troy or its inhabitants. –noun
2. a native or inhabitant of Troy.
3. a person who shows pluck, determination, or energy: to work like a Trojan.

Clinton just took a swipe at Obama. she said you just can’t hope to bring change.


  • Steve

    I am still undecided on these candidates. My favorites are the bottom tier candidates…Biden, Richardson, Dodd. This debate has made me decide that if I go in for Biden and can’t get the viability then I will probably go with Edwards. I believe he cares and will fight for people like me.

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