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Getting back to Normal, Caution: Falling Ice, and How Sad

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Good afternoon

I’m flying solo today so there’s a little more to do. Brooke gets to sleep in this morning and tomorrow.

I’m getting to the blog during the Noon news so it will be a little shorter. Sorry I’m late.

Getting back to normal. It was good to hear from some of you who are getting the power back on. We sent Megan down to Knoxville, where more than a thousand people still didn’t have power this morning. She was there when a family got it’s light back. We’re running the story at Noon.

One of the by-products of today’s weather? I’m not sure if any of you saw it but there’s ice falling off trees, buildings…our transmission tower! Cars in our lower parking lot may have a few dings in the this afternoon. Aaron, the guy who runs camera for us says he saw ice chunks just missing people downtown while he was at lunch.

The Final Democrat Debate before the Caucuses starts in an hour. Did any of you watch the Republican Debate? Not much there in the way of fireworks. I was hoping to hear more of a debate and less of the canned answers a lot of the candidates give. And by the way Who let Alan Keyes in the Debate. The guy may say he’s running for president and complain about being left out…but He’s run no credible campaign here. I know this debate was broadcast around the country, but the point was for Iowa voters to try to decide who they want to support. Are we really supposed to commit to a candidate who hasn’t made a serious commitment to the process here in our state? And if any of you are ready to argue the process is closed to people without the cash to run, I would send to to the Huckabee campaign. As of last quarter he had spent something like 300-thousand dollars this year or this quarter…I think I could raise $300,000. Keyes didn’t try so someone explain to me why he deserves to be at that debate?

Speaking of politics. I had a call from a woman on our tip line wanting Channel 13 to do a story on Mitt Romney. She contends that because he’s a Mormon, he can’t separate his beliefs from his decision making if he were elected President. I talked to this lady about her opinion for a little while. “I’m a Catholic” I asked, “Does that mean I would let the Vatican dictate my decisions?” It’s the same argument made against John Kennedy. this woman went so far as to tell me If Mitt Romney is a true Mormon, then he can’t associate with anyone who’s not Mormon. Really? So let me get this straight, He ran Massachusetts, A Fortune 500 company, and the Olympics…and he did it all associating only with people who are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints? Seems like it would be a reasonable assumption right?

My point in tell you this story is that there are a lot of people who are afraid of beliefs they don’t hold. I admit I don’t know enough about Mormonism, Islam,…heck I don’t know enough about being a Methodist to speak in any kind of an educated way about what Methodists do or don’t believe. I know what I believe, and as a voter it’s my job to go out and ask the candidates questions if I have concerns. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. If someone doesn’t want to vote for someone it’s their own business, but before you make that decision, I would challenge Iowa voters to look more closely at their own beliefs before they try to challenge a candidate’s.

And One more note this afternoon. I thought a lot about the tenacious Anonymous bloggers who seem to get a big charge out of posting rumor or innuendo about the people on our show. I guess you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. But the more I think of it, the more I think: how sad is that?

This person has so little to do, so few people to talk to or interact with that they have to post things they’ve made up about people they don’t know. I’ll keep deleting the posts and the rest of you can keep ignoring them.

I think the rest of us are just here to talk about the news of the day, maybe what’s going on in the cities or towns you live in. I don’t think too many people really care about my personal life or that of anyone else here. To borrow from the great Ron Burgundy, I don’t know if you knew this but….we’re really not that big of a deal.


  • Anonymous

    Obviously people do care about all of that extra stuff in your personal lives. Just look at how many more posts there are on the days that stuff gets brought up. When that’s not an issue then people rarely post. “I might also do a pulse check on some of our regular bloggers today? Where are you guys. I’m starting to think you all lost power.” Notice you didn’t have to do a pulse check yesterday.

  • emily

    I would be willing to bet that if you checked the IP addresses of many of these anonymous posters, you would no doubt find that all those inappropriate posts are coming from just one or two addresses. It’s obviously just one person trying to stir up trouble.

  • before you throw stones

    “emily” I am gonna have to agree with not so fast. Who signs your paycheck? And how many times have you posted? I have a feeling you aren’t so innocent yourself.

  • Anonymous

    i see that i”m not the only one who hasn’t been on here for a while….,this year has been crazy busy. I think a lot of the time the things that are on this blog strays away from the topics. I think it needs to be more positive certain people try but there’s always going to be that one person or group (odd ball in the bunch) that will make it their lifes work to mess it up for the next guy. there are 14 year olds better mannered than this. Certainly someone will be set off by this but if the truth hurts then this is gonna sting!!-Brenda E

  • Anonymous

    Pat- Keep DELETING them! It is absurd that a person (or people) think it is THEIR right to post fictious information! Just because of your job, does not make your life an open book!!!NC

  • emily

    Wow, suspicious much?I’ve certainly posted a few times, but I do so with my name, not “anonymous”. I believe an IP check would confirm that. I also think “not so fast” is probably right, too… there are probably people within the station itself looking to anonymously stir up gossip. That’s their problem, I guess.

  • Anonymous

    people post roumors cause of the attention they get. You directly are helping for fuel their fire. Ignore them and they will get bored. Simple as that.Also I believe you can have the messages be moderated. It’ll take a little more work on your part, but by approving every message before they get posted will stop those messages completly.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with ignoring the comments. Sooner or later they will get bored because they are not getting the remarks back. And yes, you are putting fuel on the fire when you say something back!Have a good weekend!

  • Sara

    Pat,You make a great point about people who are afraid of Mit Romney’s Mormonism. I think it’s ridiculous that people would rule him out just because of that. I hate it when church and politics get mixed. My other pet peeve is that some people rule out a candidate based on a single issue as if we had the luxury of voting for issues instead of the candidates. As if Roe v. Wade will ever be overturned… as if it’s not inevitable that eventually homosexual civil unions will be allowed. Even if we could all agree on what the word morality means, we should never try to legislate it.Anyway.. that’s my rant for the day.

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