Overnight Outage, McCoy Verdict, and Today in Iowa Holiday Party

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Thanks for the blog responses yesterday. I hope I was clear without sounding annoyed. We write this blog for those who want to see it. Like a lot of blogs…I would guess there aren’t a lot of people who really care what happens behind the scenes of our show, our perspective on some of the stories we cover, or what’s going on in life outside work. If you read this, great, if you don’t like it…I don’t blame you.

The outages continue to be repaired all over Iowa. They should be able to make a real dent in this today. Maybe even get everyone on. I hope so. It’s cold out there and I’d hate to be without my heat.
If it’s not the ice it’s the cars…someone hit a power pole last night and knocked out power to about 1000 people on the east side of Des Moines. Be careful out there…the ice almost seems worse this morning than it did the other day if your street isn’t clear…and mine isn’t.
The verdict is in on State Senator Matt McCoy and it’s not guilty. His lawyer made an interesting point. Something like 90 percent of all federal cases are prosecuted successfully…so when a verdict comes back not guilty you have to wonder…what happened? In this case it appears the Federal case was not as rock solid as prosecutors thought. By way of full or at least partial disclosure, I live in McCoy’s district.

I have not followed The Farm Bill and don’t know the intricacies but can someone explain why a farmer who’s pulling down $270,000 in profit needs government subsidy? I’m serious. Is there a reason? I know farmers have to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars for some of that equipment and the risk is pretty big. Those are the only two reason I can think of. City Boy.

Once again I have yet to see any of the Golden Globe nominated Movies. Charlie Wilson’s War looks good. Some of the others…I’m going to need a recommendation. Oh wait! I’ve seen Ratatouille.
Happy day!

I just wandered into the Coffee Room to get some water and found out…not only are we getting a new coffee maker…we’re getting a New Brand of Coffee. Maybe this means we can stop buying coffee for ourselves in the AM.
Christmas Time is Here

And to Prove it, we’re going to have a party tonight at Jeriann’s house. Sally made Chili, though she won’t be able to go. Jeriann made Chili too…it’s a cookoff showdown throwdown…

Seriously I do like the people I work with in the morning and it will be nice to celebrate a little Christmas with them.

We’re going to another fabulous on Saturday night…funny story with that one.

This is the party we go to every year in West Des Moines. The first year we went, I had to work that night. One of our friends decided it would be funny to tell people he was me all night. So he did and when I showed up, I started talking with a women who’d been enjoying herself quite a bit…I told her who I was and she slapped me…right across the face. Apparently my friend had said something to her (posing as me) that she didn’t like all that much. It was interesting. Christmas parties always are. So I shared my Christmas Party story…I’d like to hear your best office embarrassment, family legend, or neighborhood night to remember.

Have a good weekend…Brooke is back Monday and I’ll be back Tuesday.


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    Hey PWD We stayed in Columbia, Mo to see an Airshow; that was nice but wouldn’t live there, Like you and the gang during the week and Dan and E on the weekend…especially when Dan and Elizabeth had the showdown over the ISU/Iowa game when she knocked him off his seat. We are ISU all the way though

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