Endorsements are King

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The endless endorsements gain one more. Western Iowa Congressman Steve King will announce his choice for Prez Monday a.m. in Des Moines. I’m striking out getting anyone to say who that choice will be.
Physically, King and Tom Tancredo could almost be twins. But will King put his support behind a guy who really hasn’t found much traction in the polls? Socially, it’s tough to see him getting behind Giuliani. Huckabee and McCain are both getting beat up a bit by critics for their positions on what do with illegal immigrants. Does that leave Romney and Thompson as the two remaining logical choices?

Anymore, it feels like we have to throw Ron Paul in the talk about Republicans. Paul’s hardly been seen at events in Iowa. But there’s no doubt he’s becoming an Internet sensation (although, I can still hear his supporters screaming to us in Ames during the Iowa Straw Poll, “We’re not just the Internet. We’re not just the Internet.”

But the Internet is helping his raise a ridiculous amount of money. As I write this at 7:45pm, his campaign website claims to have raised $3.6 million today alone and nearly $16.5 million during the 4th quarter. Unless Romney cuts himself another personal check, it’s hard to imagine another candidate reaching Paul’s total this period.