Endorsements, Holiday Party and Cheesy Chocolate

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Good morning. It’s me again today because Pat is off. I imagine he is sleeping in but I could be wrong. Last week he said the cat got him up early and he couldn’t go back to sleep. That’s the thing about this schedule that I hate. You wake up early even on the days you WANT to sleep in.

I hope you all had a nice weekend. Jeriann had a Holiday Party for everyone on the morning show. We had a lot of fun eating and talking about work. It seems like no matter how hard you try NOT to talk about work, that’s all you end up doing. I guess it’s what we all have in common but I still think there are better things to do when we are not on the clock. Pat and Jeriann made their famous chili. I am not sure which one was better, but I think I am leaning toward Jeriann’s. Sorry, Pat. It had some major kick. I am hoping to post some pics of the event soon.

To the news…

The Des Moines Register this weekend released its choices for President on the Republican and Democratic sides. The editors picked John McCain and Hillary Clinton. Arthur Sanders, a political science professor from Drake said the endorsement will help Clinton but hurt McCain. Republicans see the Register as left-leaning so an endorsement might be perceived as confirmation that a candidate is liberal. On the other side, an endorsement for a Democrat is good because the other candidates have to explain why they didn’t get it.

Staying fit over the Holidays
In our Holiday Survival Guide this morning, Megan Ruether talked to a dietitian about not gaining weight over the Holidays. Did you know that a Ritz cracker with a piece of cheese and salami has about 250 calories? Not that I really watch what I eat this time of year but that came as a surprise. She also suggested eating before you go to a party to prevent over-eating. Yeah, right! Like eating before hand is going to stop me from having 10 peanut butter balls or an entire plate of spinach dip.

Speaking of Holiday Food. Megan brought in some fudge her neighbor made. One of the ingredients is Velveeta. Have you ever heard of such a thing? You don’t taste the cheese until after you swallow it. It’s kind of an after-taste. I don’t know if I like it or not.

Well.. I hope you all have a great day. Pat is back tomorrow.



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