Huge November for Hunter? WOW!

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As many marvel at Ron Paul’s record-raising $6 million plus in 1 day, I just received this from Duncan Hunter’s campaign. Yes, he apparently is still running for President. WOW. That’s his word. Not mine.

November Was HUGE! Let’s make December BIGGER!
Fellow Duncaneers, the final results are in! You made the month of November huge for online giving! READ BELOW: for a special thanks from Duncan Hunter!
In just over 3 weeks time, YOU raised over $25,000 to help take Duncan Hunter to the White House!
Now here’s the most amazing number: that was accomplished with only 1% of Hunter’s online supporters donating.
$25,000 in a mere 24 days with only 1% . . .
Do the math!
What if 5% respond in this season of giving?
That’s over $125,000 . . . with just 5%. And that’s not counting the tens of thousands raised OFF-line during the same period!
And we’re confident we can do it together . . .
. . . After all, a large portion of the November donors pledged to give again in December already!
Folks, as we remember the true “reason for the season”, giving is on all our hearts.
So, while we’re out there sifting through the crowds or browsing the web to fork over our hard-earned dollars for gifts for loved-ones . . .
. . .
Why not sacrifice a few dollars for the future of our country? Is that really too much to ask?
Congressman Hunter and the entire campaign team are dedicated to make sure that we run a lean-mean machine!
We’ve done that. And we’ll continue to do that.
Duncan Hunter refuses:
-to throw hordes of critical cash to mass media advertising like the other guys-to take money from folks who don’t share his principles, unlike some of the other guys-to kowtow to special interests in dictating where he spends his time-to allow the media to define him
Duncan Hunter stands rock solid as a man of character . . .
. . . And that’s reflected in the nature of this presidential race.
While the other guys sling mud at each other and go for the jugular, they have nothing but praises for Duncan Hunter:
“He’s a man of great character.””I think very highly of Duncan Hunter.””Hunter is a very likable guy and a good man.””Duncan is a man of integrity.”
The Hunter strategy of staying below the radar while maintaining a course of character and Reagan leadership is working!
Watch Duncan Hunter debate in Iowa!
If you missed Hunter in Wednesday’s debate in Iowa, catch the highlights
. . . And pay particular attention to the “Voters Voice” meter as Hunter lays out his principles to the American people!
Worried about the polls?
In all the early primary states, ALL of the “top-tier” candidates are falling . . . ALL of them.
Only Huckabee is trending upward . . . And ONLY in Iowa.
Duncan Hunter is the ONLY presidential candidate maintaining or increasing in EVERY state and EVERY poll.
Friends, strap in and hold on tight!
As we press on toward the early primaries in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Michigan, Nevada, Wyoming, and Florida . . .
. . . There will be some VERY BIG SURPRISES!
So, now is the time!
If you haven’t yet given to the ONLY Reagan-conservative candidate . . .
If you’ve given and see how things are moving in our favor . . .
If you’ve given and plan to give again, ask your friends and family . . .
Friends, if we’re serious about taking back our country, we have to be willing to sacrifice a very little with just the same heart the Founders gave their all for freedom . . .
They pledged their “lives, fortunes, and sacred honor” for the prospect of freedom for their posterity . . .
And, as a mighty winter storm blows through the heart of our nation, depriving more than a million fellow Americans of electricity . . .
I am reminded of those great patriots who risked their very lives in the winter at Valley Forge to fight a war for freedom . . .
. . . a war that was “unwinnable” . . . a “lost cause” . . . a “million-to-one shot” . . .
And yet here we stand, FREE because they dared to believe and risked EVERYTHING!
Are you willing to offer even a degree of that risk, and sacrifice for the one true patriot for president?
If you’re part of the 99% who have not yet given, the line is drawn, the die is cast . . . Will you join us?
For Freedom,
Brett FarleyHunter for President ’08Fundraising Team


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