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I’m not in the mood.
At all.
Things have been hectic for me lately, and not because of the holidays. So I apologize for not blogging, not shopping, not caroling, not celebrating … not, not, not. I just don’t feel like it.
How about you guys?
I usually love Christmastime, but this year I mostly feel tired and crabby. I’m hoping to get out of this funk by the weekend.
There’s a lot going on, but I just don’t feel much like sharing. Sorry. Again. For the umpteenth time I’ll confess to being a terrible blogger.
It’s unlikely I’ll post again until 2008 … until then, Bah Humbug!


  • Fred

    I think all of us are proned to these moments- luckily we don’t have to let a lot of people experience them- unlike you. Are you required to do a blog? If not, take the extra time and do something you enjoy. If you are- brib someone else- just kidding. Have a happy holiday, things will look up soon. Christmas has a way of putting a smile on most anyone’s faces.

  • rosorio

    I wish you and your family well. If there’s anything anyone can do I encourage you to ask for help. I am sure your true friends will support you and will be there for you. Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Lisa

    Erin, we love you just the way you are!! Thanks for being honest in how you feel – we’re all lucky because we can go home and be crabby, you have to turn around, be happy and have a smile on your face in front of a camera…there aren’t alot of people who could do what you do. So, like everyone else has said, relax, do something you want to do, don’t worry about us, we’re here when you come back, whenever that is. Holidays are stressful, not easy to deal with-try to find something just for you, even if its just eating some chocolate!! Have a great holiday, have a beverage on New Year’s, and we’ll be here in 2008 whenever you’re ready…happy holidays everyone!!!!

  • GBR

    I feel your pain Erin, it just doesn’t seem like the holidays without a Husker bowl game to look forward to; but on the bright side that problem is being addressed.Seriously though, hang in there. I’m sure that corner to turn is coming soon.P.S. Your blog is great- you’re a very clever writer.

  • ErinEKiernan

    Hi gang … thanks for the kind, (and some funny) comments.A few of you asked if I’m required to do the blog, or why I do it if I don’t enjoy it. I guess the blog would be considered a “requirement.” I didn’t create it. It was created and I was told to do it. To be honest, at first I thought it was fun but more recently I’ve wondered “what’s the point?” Here’s what I mean… if you want daily news and info about behind the scenes stuff, you can get it from “The Morning Buzz.” If you’re interested in health and fitness, we have “Move It.” If sports is your thing, you check out “Murphy’s Law” and if you’re a political junkie you visit “The Price of Politics.” I think that covers a lot of ground, and frankly what’s going on with me personally just isn’t that interesting. I like getting feedback from all of you, but we also have email for that. As always, I’m open to your thoughts and ideas.EEK

  • A.

    If my boss gives me a job and tells me to do something, I do it to the best of my ability. I don’t ask “what’s the point” and do the job poorly to avoid doing it at all.

  • sixbehrs

    I really enjoy your blog, I must say. But I can see how it’s just one extra thing that doesn’t really seem to “fit” with your job description, if you ask me. I was surprised to read that you basically have to do it. If it weren’t for pictures of my kids, I wouldn’t be doing one :-)I hope you have a great Christmas!!!

  • Lisa

    I am sorry too to hear that this was a “required” obligation of your job – although I must admit, you are an excellent writer, and you need to know, for each person who writes a comment, there are 5 others who are reading who don’t comment, so there are readers, in case you thought there weren’t! I used to enjoy the Morning Buzz, but I honestly don’t read it as much, due to the fact that they have opened it to anyone and everyone to write responses, and it shows. I still enjoy Pat and Brooke’s writings, but the responses are annoying. Reading what you write helps us realize that you are a real person, and as I know from personal experience, very approachable. :-) If there is something we can do to help eliminate this portion of your job, please let us know – you are an experienced, polished, excellent reporter/journalist, and you should be able to do what you want and what makes you happy. We would miss hearing and seeing your life and friends, but your happiness is much more important…and I think everyone would agree with me…

  • Megan

    YIKES!!! I don’t know what to say except I hope you feel better soon and if this blog is such a burden, then don’t do it. You obviously don’t enjoy it (I don’t think you really ever did).I apologize for ever finding it interesting. Won’t make that mistake again. Happy Holidays to all!!!!

  • Samantha

    To the person who said that when they’re given a job they do it to the best of their ability and don’t ask what the point is, I don’t think that’s very fair. There needs to be balance. If I had an employer who asked me to do something which I felt strayed outside the boundaries of my job duties and started intruding into my personal life, I’d question it as well. I side more with Erin on this. I don’t see what the point of her having a blog is, in the capacity she currently serves. Not everyone wants to share their personal life with the entire population of the internet. The other blogs Channel 13 has are tailored more to specific interests that people have. I think most people gravitate toward blogs like that, and tend not to bother with blogs that are simply written about the lives of people they don’t actually know – although I admit I may be off base on that.One of the reasons that I do read this blog is because I do know Erin. I’ve never commented before, but I’ve read it regularly since I stumbled onto it from about the time it was started.Erin, if you’re going to be stuck doing it despite your lack of enthusiasm, I hope you can make the best of it. Were you told specifically what you were supposed to blog about, or just to blog in general? If the latter, I think I’d start picking a topic that’s in the news weekly or bi-weekly or an issue that’s important to you and just going with it. Courtney

  • RevCPH1958

    Hi, Erin —I’m the sales associate who help you on Saturday night at the Jordan Creek Younker’s. Allow me to say that for someone who has given herself the title of “Grinch” that you were VERY pleasant to work with, and one of my more “fun” customers of the season. I hope you left the store feeling a little bit more un-Grinch like. Trust me, I can relate to the stress level of this time of the year, and it often gets to us with all its commercialization and expectations. I also hoped what you picked out worked. :-)I, too, am sorry if your blog is a requirement. Number one — take care of yourself in all this. Just know you have a lot of supporters out here, whether you blog or not!Kip @ Younker’s

  • 0237ryan

    Erin, are you in this mood because you are trying to quit smoking by the new year?? My husband is exactly the same way!!!! ( I’m just guessing, I have no factual info that you smoke, so please dont get upset about my post!!!)

  • lorrie

    In my opinion, you are having trouble doing something you are required to do because you were an only child and probably spoiled rotten. It always amazes me that people with good looks, more money than most and no children are the ones that complain the most when holidays roll around. Maybe because it’s not all about them anymore. Sorry, just my thoughts

  • Amy

    i agree with lorrie. why did you post this blog? it was shameful, and you should be embarrassed. if you are grouchy, leave the public out of it. i don’t feel sorry for someone who has to blog as a requirement. it could potentially be a fun and interesting thing. you, unfortunately, turned it into something it should not be.

  • Jason

    For a couple people expressing opinions, lorrie and amy sure seem to be critical of someone else’s opinion. While it’s an interesting theory, Erin’s mood quite certainly doesn’t have anything to do with her siblings – or lack thereof, her children – or lack thereof, or some sense of being in the periphery instead of the center of attention. And it certainly doesn’t have to do with her looks or income. For those of us lucky enough to have known Erin for many years, she is about as far from spoiled rotten as they come. Always down to earth and never better than anyone else in her own eyes. And never immune to the very same doldrums we are all susceptible to during our lives. Shameful? Hardly! Embarrassing? Not nearly. At most it is uncharacteristic of an ever-charming woman, but not much on top of that.We are all allowed the opportunity to share in the thoughts and events of a public figure and she is kind enough to be candid with us instead of glad-handing us and letting us believe she lives in a fairy tale. And the repayment for that is to be called spoiled rotten and shameful? We take the opportunity to read her blog – even from hundreds of miles away – for that glimpse of what goes on with someone who puts themselves in front of us each week to keep us informed. She didn’t get the public involved. It’s not like she told all of Des Moines to go take a leap off the Pont Neuf during the 10p signoff or flipped the bird at the weatherman because she didn’t like the snow he is forecasting.If you don’t like what she is telling you, just redirect your browser in the same way that you would flip the channel if you didn’t like the news story she was reading on your set.

  • alan

    Amen, Jason! Very well said.In all the years I’ve known Erin, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her really “crabby”. I think “crabby” for her would be a <>good<> day for most of us.Lorrie’s comment, in particular, was uncalled for, and she owes Erin an apology.

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