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Dick Vitale out until February with a blown vocal cord? I’m sorry it happened, but it was only a matter of time. That man yells more than Al Pacino. Get well, Dick. You do a lot for college basketball…

I now understand why Elvis shot his television. Have you seen the Bud Light “Dude!” commercials? I saw the same ad 43 times during one NFL game. Dude…

The Iowa Hawkeyes need game-breakers, not law-breakers. Unfortunately, Dominique Douglas was both. He’s out of second chances. I’m confident Kirk Ferentz strongly encouraged Douglas to transfer…

There’s a cool new local Web site with potential, http://www.iasportsnews.com/ It allows you to “get all your Iowa sports news in one place”. Great idea…

Green Bay Packer fans, cheer for Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo to take their relationship up a notch, or at the very least, stay together. I’ve seen that look of a man with his mind on other things. The thumb might hurt, but the heart aches…

The Mitchell Report forces all of us to be judge and jury. As more and more guys admit their guilt (always “one time” and “for an injury”), it looks worse for Roger Clemens. The timeline for his stats and alleged steroid use is damning. My verdict, with no proof, is guilty. I see Clemens and Bonds as the faces of the steroid era, but there is a far more detailed trail following Bonds (see “Game of Shadows”)…

Dan Fogelberg died. That’s sad. Fogelberg had that reputation for being overly sensitive and sentimental, but I always found myself singing along to those sappy songs, like the ridiculous “Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”. Who takes his mantel? I nominate James Taylor… (Update on 12/20: one of our smart readers points out it was Gordon Lightfoot who sang about a shipwreck, not Fogelberg. Remember Gordon and that porn ‘stache? “Leader of the Band” will have to do for our Fogelberg example.)

Do you have a favorite Christmas song? Mine’s “Little Drummer Boy” as sung by David Bowie and Bing Crosby. How did that ever work?! I also like Bob Seger’s version. Band-Aid’s “Do They Know It’s Christmas” never grows old either, thought it should since it’s on every few minutes…

Favorite Christmas movie? I want to say “Christmas Story” or “It’s a Wonderful Life”, those seem like cool answers, and I do love those movies, but the truth is “Christmas Vacation”. I laugh out loud every time.

Cousin Eddie: “He’s(Snotz) got a little bit of Mississippi leg hound in em… He’ll grab a hold of your leg and go to town. Word to the wise if he does grab a hold, just let him finish.”
Clark W. Grizwald : “Thanks Eddie… I’ll remember that.”

Merry Christmas to you and yours,


  • pulsebert

    Christmas Story has to be #1. Tongue on the poll always cracks me up since I remember doing that as kids. Not so sure about your eulogy to Dan Fogelberg. Edmund Fitzgerald was by Gordon Lightfoot. (did I just admit I knew that.?.)Favorite song I would have to say is the 12 Days of Christmas… Bob and Doug McKenzie version.

  • Anonymous

    “Christmas Vacation” is still the best of the bunch, but it is now a tradition in my household to watch “Bad Santa” every year. It’s halarious (if you can get past the annoying elf and his over-charged pointless verbal assaults, and if you don’t have kids in your househould). And I hope Dick Vitale gets better. He rules. Yeah, baby! Diaper Dandy, baby!

  • Keith Murphy

    Pulsebert,You’re right! That was Lightfoot, not Fogelberg. I guess “Leader of the Band” will have to do for an example. Thanks for knowing your 70s manballads.Keith

  • Sara

    Let’s not rule out Elf in the Christmas movie category. I swear it’s already a classic. “Buddy the elf. What’s your favorite color?”

  • Anonymous

    We have a family tradition of watch “christmas Vacation” the night after we put up the Christmas tree. I still laugh out loud every year when I watch the squirrel on the Chevy Chases back as he is running up the stairs! I love that movie!

  • Anonymous

    As predicted Fales will be back on SoundOff and Heather B. reduced to a “contributer.” Still no word on what Fales will be doing for a real job but I predict he will be back on 13 in some form.

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