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TT on Thursday

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Sounds like the race for Prez may get smaller. It looks as if Tom Tancredo will say in Des Moines Thursday afternoon that he will no longer be a candidate. It makes me think back to last month when it sounded to me like he was more interested in seeing other candidates talk about his ideas to stop illegal immigration, rather than for him to talk of his plans to become President.
Now the question seems to be will Tancredo endorse someone?
I wonder if Western Iowa Congressman Steve King knew this was coming? Did it have anything to do with King’s endorsement (King and Tancredo are close. Their wives, according to King, “email each other almost daily” )instead for the guy he admits may not have the “fire in the belly” that’s necessary to win. For the record, King stated if Thompson didn’t have that fire, he would help ignite it.

Either way, here’s another excuse to post this picture…

Steve King-Tom Tancredo