Foggy Friday, Needing a new school and Hillary Clinton

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Good morning everyone! I hope you were able to make it to work or wherever else you were headed today. Justin says the fog isn’t burning off anytime soon. It is supposed to stick around until about noon. Then, the snow and sleet will move in this weekend. We just can’t seem to catch a break. And I still have Christmas shopping to do. Working and trying to adjust to life as a new mom has left me WAY behind on my shopping. I am so unorganized. It’s mainly my husband I need to buy for. I just haven’t had time… it’s not a procrastination problems… really! And you would think your mate would be the easiest person to buy for becuase you know them better than anyone else, right? The problem is that he buys anything he REALLY wants and it usually only includes something golf-related. And there are only so many golf clubs you can buy.

Also, if you watched this morning, you noticed Pat is off. He’s on vacation until sometime after the New Year. Today, Lisa, our morning show producer was a rock star. She usually has an associate producer to help her with all the writing, but this morning she had no one. When I came in a little after 3:00, she was writing like a mad woman trying to get everything done. I helped her write a lot of the national stories and we still didn’t get everything done. When the show started, she was still writing so there were some scripts that I was reading for the first time on air. Live television is awesome!

To the News…
Students at the West Central Valley High School in Stuart are taking matters into their own hands today. The community has voted down a measure to raise taxes to pay for a new school twice. Students are planning a rally to plead with voters to pass the measure next time it comes to a vote. The school is in such bad shape that a contractor told the principal to move students out of one area because the structure is literally falling apart and it’s a danger.

Hillary Clinton
This isn’t a story we aired this morning. Really, I don’t know if it IS a story but it’s something a lot of people are chatting about online. With candidates covering all corners of Iowa and beyond during these last few days before the caucuses, they no doubt are simply exhausted. In fact, Rudy Guiliani spent the night in a St. Louis hospital Wednesday likely because of illness brought on my exhaustion. Anyway, there is a new picture of Hillary Clinton snapped by an AP photographer that shows the face of a very tired woman. It’s been fodder for people who don’t like Hillary. But it also brings up an interesting point about how men can look old and they are considered distinguished, but women who age are labeled a “hag.” Here’s what New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd has to say. I think she hits the mark. And I don’t always agree with everything she says.

“Yet it’s true that looks matter in politics, even though Abe Lincoln still ranks as our favorite president. J.F.K.’s tan and Nixon’s 5-o’clock shadow helped turn that 1960 debate in Kennedy’s favor, just as Gore’s waxy orange makeup and condescending mien hurt him in a debate with W.
It is also true that perfecting the outer shell has become an obsession in this country. We’re a nation of Frankensteins and the monster is us. Jennifer Love Hewitt was on the cover of People last week and ended up defending her less svelte pictures with her new fiancé in Hawaii, writing on her Web site: “A size 2 is not fat!”
Women are still scrutinized more critically on their looks, which seem to fluctuate more on camera, depending on lighting, bloating and wardrobe.
Mitt Romney, Barack Obama and John Edwards almost always look good, and pretty much the same, in dark suits or casual wear. Fred Thompson always looks crepuscular and droopy. Often Hillary looks great, and sometimes she looks tired, heavier or puffier. Jim Cole, The Associated Press photographer who took the offending shot, said that there were several other pictures that day where she looked “radiant.”

Have a great weekend everyone. Hope you get all that last minute shopping done. See you on Monday.



  • Trish

    Brooke – I saw where KCCI’s morning news is now ahead of you. I thought for sure with you back your ratings would go up, not down.

  • Heather

    Good job by yourself today Brooke! You looked like an old pro!!! Way to go. Happy Holidays Everyone. Forget what the ratings say… its only what we think that matters:)GO WHOTV 13 Viewers!!!!

  • Anonymous

    you sure complain a lot about having to be alone, being a working mom, can’t find time to shop yadda yadda yadda If it is that hard quit. Are you afraid to be alone or what?

  • Anonymous

    Brooke—I say we complain even louder just to annoy Mr. anonymous even more…gotta love the cowards who criticise in mean-spirited comments just because they can.I always tell people to say nasty remarks to my face or call me if they have something rude to complain about…dang, I still haven’t received one call yet after 15 years of this!!!As a dear friend of Brooke’s I can guarantee she is not a complainer…try a loving, angelic friend who would do anything for someone she loves! And no, she’s not afraid to be alone. She has a beautiful family…something I hope you are able to experience because I can see by the bitterness in you heart that you don’t have that yet.Love Ya Brooke–from proud to be Mrs. B!! :)

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