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Merry Christmas

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Good morning and Happy Holidays! This will be short because I am out the door soon. Sadly, I have a few little gifts I need to purchase today. The weather was so bad this weekend that I didn’t have a chance to get out. I’m headed to Jordan Creek right after our last cut-in to join the masses of other people who waited until the day before Christmas to shop. What is wrong with us? I also still have to pick up some groceries. Eric’s brother and family will come over tonight and then we are headed to my mom and dad’s house in Ottumwa tomorrow afternoon.

The Candidates
They are all taking the day off tomorrow.
That’s good.
So are we. No Today in Iowa tomorrow!

Hope you enjoy your day! See you back here on Wednesday!


  • Shawn

    MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!!!!! Please remember the true meaning and reason for the season – the birth of Jesus Christ. Sadly, it appears that Erin Kiernan has forgotten this. I was completely disgusted with her latest post and with her attitude to the holiday season and to her duties in her position. Due to this, I will no longer view any newscast on WHO that involves her. As for viewing Today in Iowa – faithful viewing as always! Keep up the good work in the mornings.

  • Anonymous

    It is the holidays,so please don’t be unhappy with anyone. Erin will get with it again,if not then that is all so fine. Many people have a hard time with this time of year and it is not always because they are shopping. Jan

  • Anonymous

    The blog is one little tensy weensy part of the job. So leave the anchors alone, she feels how she feels. Dont judge someone because they dont have christmas spirit. If there was a term, for “holiday racism” that would be it. Dont worry about what others think and just worry about yourself :)

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