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Happy 2008. I don’t usually make resolutions, but I begin the new year with a sense that it’s a fresh start. Do any of you have resolutions? If so, what are they? Have any of you actually kept them in years past? What kept you motivated?

Most of you are probably enjoying the day off from work so I hope you don’t mind if I take off a little early today without doing much blogging. We’re starting to plan for caucus day coverage. Just so you know, we’ll be setting up a blog on the Morning Buzz for your comments and reactions to the caucus night headlines. Then we’ll share some of the comments Friday morning. Just out of curiousity, are some of you planning to caucus? Let me know.

Hope you enjoy a day of watching football! See you back here tomorrow. Pat is back. It will be nice to have him return.



  • Anonymous

    I too am going to caucus. I have talked with several people who didn’t know what to do though, so make sure to educate those around you so they too will caucus!NC

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone actually think the celebrity endorsements help the candidates? Do they influence your vote?Just curious.NC

  • Anonymous

    NC,The celebrity endorsements make me roll my eyes. Like “do they really think I’m that stupid to fall for that?”

  • Anonymous

    People are smart,they will think for there self. I have talked to many aboutthe caucus.It is not hard to do just go and you will find out it is very easy to do nothing to it. Really fun and you get to know people and what they stand for.

  • First timer

    I just want to be in on all of the action as the results come in. Where is the best place to be? Can anyone just show up at the Convention Complex or is that just for the media?Could someone let me know?Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Good question “first timer” Another question is where are all the hot spots to hang out that night if you can’t go to the complex?

  • Anonymous

    Post on Dave Price’s blog or email him and see what his ideas are about hot spots and the Plex…..Can hardly wait for Friday when the phone calls and TV ads will STOP!!!

  • Kelly

    The Plex is for media only, you have to be credentialed to get in. I know of at least one caucus viewing event at the Vaudeville Mews and it’s sponsored by a group called “Drinking Liberally.” It gets underway at 8:00 p.m. I know there are more events like that planned…so you might just want to call around. Downtown will probably be crawling with them.

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