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Good Morning.

If you follow the title this morning, we’ll talk a little politics, and some of the other stories of the day…but first I wanted to draw your attention to Erin’s Blog. Some of you were asking what happened to her Caucus Night. There’s the explanation.

To our blogger who talked about public criticism and being in a public position: I’m all for your criticism and I think a lot of the people I work with would agree with you. It’s part of our job. Say my head is fat if you like…say that I can’t read…or that you think I’m bad at what I do. The distinction I’d make is when someone makes some kind of a jump that assumes what kind of person I am. One is a criticism of what you see and hear. It’s fair. I’ll even add in any opinion you have about my bulbous cranium in there as fair game. Mean spirited, but part of the ballgame.
The comments here yesterday remind me that evaluations of my motives probably aren’t something a lot of you can make a judgement about.

It’s a good reminder for me too. Yesterday I was talking to Sally about an insurance claim that the company rejected. I just assumed they rejected a legitimate claim to try to make it harder for me to collect, and therefore make more money. It could have just been a mistake. Point is, assumptions can get you in trouble.

Speaking of “in trouble”. Did any of you see the final day of campaigning in New Hampshire? The Clinton and Romney campaigns are feeling the pressure. The moment everyone is talking about from yesterday is Hillary Clinton’s near breakdown at one of her town hall meetings. Did you see it? What do you think? We’ll show you results from the voting on our evening newscasts and we’ll have some analysis of the results tomorrow on Today in Iowa.

As we look ahead we had a lot of conversation this morning about a poll Brooke pointed out. A USA Today Gallup Poll now has Republican Mike Huckabee and Democrat Barak Obama ahead in the National Race. Now take this with a grain of salt. There are a lot of states where voters still need a reminder that it’s a Presidential Election year. It will be interesting to see how voters react when they begin to pay more attention.

I watched a little bit of the game last night but I’m kind of done with College Football. It felt like they really waited too long for the National Championship game. It needs to be closer to Jan 1st.

Two US Navy Jets collided over the Persian Gulf but the pilots are OK. The More disturbing event in the Gulf overnight was the news that two Iranian Gunboats went at several US Navy Ships. I’m no military expert but I think that’s what they call a mismatch.

No Golden Globes this weekend. The Broadcast is canceled because of the Hollywood writers strike. It may be the first time people really notice this this is still going on.

Three Lincoln High students are getting tested to see what kind of TB (tuberculosis) They’ve contracted. It’s not a major health concern according to the County. TB is apparently very treatable now.

Teens, Dinner, Self Image and Weight
Two new studies caught our eye. One says girls who see themselves as unpopular are more prone to gaining weight. The other says girls who eat meals with their families five times or more a week have a healthier view of weight and eating.

This is a place where…as someone who might be a parent one day, I cringe.
I often think it would be harder to raise girls than boys. Sally disagrees.
I just can’t imagine the pressures a young woman is under. How popular they are, how much they weigh…what do you say to your daughter to support her self worth. How can you hope to compete with peers and pop culture? I would worry about it.

McVenti McNon-Fat….
Do I have to add the Mc if McDonalds gets baristas? I have a hgard enough time remembering my own drink order at Starbucks. Thank God the people there just know what I want when I walk in the door! Well…maybe that’s not such a good thing.

New Phone
As is tradition in my house, I convince my wife something isn’t going to cost us anything…and then we end up needing a second mortgage for it.
When we were first married I convinced Sally we were going to get a tax return back and bought each of us a new set of golf clubs. Too bad that year I ended up owing money. That marks the last time I made any financial decision in our house.
Anyway, we needed new phones, and the company we’re with had some deals going that would have allowed us to get some regular phones for free. We opted for the fancy phone that has a keyboard and a lot of other stuff. I’m like a four year-old with a new toy. I’ve already downloaded new ring tones including some of the best lines from Anchorman. Brooke’s new ring tone is, “I don’t know how to put this …but…I’m kind of a big deal. People know me.”
I’m having a great time.

Lots to talk about today. Feel free to add anything you’d like.



  • Anonymous

    I think Clinton’s ‘near breakdown’ at a meeting yesterday, sets a negative spin on her and women. What when things get tough women – breakdown? That is not a true message. I expect more from her. This just makes her and women look weak that running for president can’t be done. (which is not the opinion I hope America has!)NC

  • Anonymous

    I actually think Hillary’s “emotional” thing was contrived (SP??) I think she is getting desperate and is wanting to bring her “emotions” into to play so people will feel sorry for her.Patrick, I was wondering when are you finaly going to pull the plug on leaving comments in the blogs? I just think it is getting so out of hand. You got to think people come on here just to stir the pot.I love reading the blogs. But the comments part is just ridiculous!

  • Anonymous

    I honestly don’t think they’ve been too bad lately, especially compared to some of the ones from the past!

  • Anonymous

    And why punish everyone for a few immature idiots that leave negative comments? This isn’t kindergarten.

  • Tiffany

    Hillary ~ I agree with whoever said Hillary’s crying was contrived. I think she’s starting to get desperate. Writers Strike ~ I hope this ends soon. It’s bad enough that one of my favorite shows [Scrubs] is ending this season, now it’s ending two months sooner than it normally would :( Not to mention, I’m just plain sick of reality tv. Thank God for seasons of shows on DVD! Girls & Image ~ I have a 15 month old girl, and another girl due in April. This is something my husband and I have talked a lot about. Walking around the mall, I am seriously amazed at how girls are now. And it wasn’t that long ago that I was in high school. We do eat dinner as a family, and fully intend on continuing. We also plan on encouraging them to be involved in SOMETHING, anything. Sports, dance, music, drama, whatever they want but at least they’ll be involved and active. My hope is that having these girls so close in age, if they don’t feel like they can come to me, they will at least have each other to help deal with the pressures.

  • Sara

    It’s easier to be a jerk on the internet but for some reason it’s harder to ignore jerks on the internet. If you’re annoyed at what you read in comments, just roll your eyes and move on… maybe it’s less dramatic that way, but it certainly keeps some fuel from the fire.In other news, Brad is dreamy. Ha. Okay. See what I did there? I just tried to stir things up again in a fake internet way. Roll your eyes and move on… ;)Seriously, though… that hazelnut iced coffee stuff from McDonalds is delicious. And working with kids, I’m not sure it’s easier to raise boys or girls– raising any kind of kid is hard. It takes a village, right?

  • Sara

    Sorry I’m commenting twice, but Tiffany got me with Scrubs talk. Bill Lawrence (the show’s creator) told Michael Ausiello (hilarious columnist from tv guide) that he’d do everything he could to find a way to shoot the last episodes. they don’t end up on tv, maybe they’ll at least make it to dvd eventually?The writers’ strike sucks, though I support it.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think Hillary breaking down yesterday shows that she is weak. Maybe she actually care about America!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think Hillary breaking downshows that she is weak either but that she does care either about America or being it’s President.

  • Anonymous

    That must have been a terrible experience for Erin when she was on live TV. Hope she is enjoying Arizona and is feeling better.Yes I agree we shouldn’t make assumptions, it seems they are usually wrong.

  • Anonymous

    I have all boys, (three) so I’m not one to pretend to be an expert on what is easier. We have heard that boys are harder the first 10 years, and girls are harder the next 10 years. I’m sort of banking on that….

  • Anonymous

    I was the one who posted about pulling the plug on the comments. They are like a car wreck. You know you shouldn’t look at it but you just can’t help it. Just like the Registers 2 cents worth. They are kind of weird and dorky but yet I can’t NOT read them when I get the chance!

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