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Even more on Andy’s return…

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Dear Keith & Andy,

I am thrilled to have Andy back on Sound Off, in part because he’s funny and genuine, but largely because both of you have such excellent chemistry together. You two are the Joey and Chandler, Han and Luke, or Jay and Silent Bob (without the silent) to our beloved local sports show. Carry on!



Hey Guys,

Man, is it good to have Andy back!!! Definitely appreciated the going back to the original theme song too. I literally fell on the floor laughing during “he said/he said.” And with SNF over, no more shortened episodes. Whoopee!

I had the good fortune of being in Des Moines and being able to watch the return episode, but now I’m back in Philadelphia and can’t watch you guys on WHO. Any chance you could get the audio podcast of the show back up? Lately it hasn’t been updated with recent episodes. In the future should I keep asking for it, or has the podcast been scrapped?


ANDY’S BACK!!!!!!!
I can now watch sound off again, without cringing (much).

All is right with the world again.

Des Moines

Why Andy Fales? He does not seem to know sports…we are sorry to see him back on WHO. Watching sports programs where he is involved are not fun to watch. Like Murph..but can’t handle Andy.
Bill J.


We are happy Andy is back. My daughter graduated from South Tama and was the one ringing that cowbell a few years ago when Andy landed in Tama with Chopper 13 and you guys kept repeating that famous line from SNL “we need more cowbell.” …

I sure would love for you guys to describe something on Soundoff on 1/13 with a quote “we need more cowbell” as she won’t get to see the show for 6 months till she comes back in June.

P.S. Keith-been watching you since Lonesome Dove The Series on Sunday nights at Ch. 5:)

Connie in Tama

I was having a pretty crappy night last Sunday and was flipping through the channels and stopped on Sound Off when I saw Andy. I got excited and turned up the volume thinking he was back for a visit. How exciting it was to find out he’s back for good. Andy instantly turned my frown upside down. Welcome back!!!

Lisa in Otley

Thanks to WHO and Keith for bringing Andy back. My husband and I laughed together so much on Sunday night. Oh, and the mini nightly Soundoff’s are great too but Andy, you just came back how could you use the word “jack-ass” Thursday night with Bachman on the air?!
Megan & Nathan

My gracious mother taped last week’s show and mailed it to me. It is
SO nice to have the fabulous show back again and what a great show it
was last week. BUT, you gotta get the show livestreamed. It cost $5
just to mail a videotape to Kansas City and mom said she’s not going
to do this for me every week!!!
Thanks Mom and it’s good to have you back, Andy.
Travis in KC (for now… it’s very tempting to return to IA)

Thank you, thank you, thank you—-for bringing Andy back. He doesn’t miss a beat. The two of you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(editor’s note: much more feedback on Andy’s return in the previous two Murphy’s Law posts)


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