Peace, Pella and Getting out of Debt

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Good morning everyone. I haven’t intentionally been ignoring the blog, I’ve just been busy with a few other projects at work. I always think I’ll get to it when I go home but something else always seems to distract me. His name is Evan. So, please forgive me.

In case you didn’t watch this morning, Pat is off today. He’s actually under the weather. Get better, Pat!

To the news…
Peace Meetings in the Middle East
President Bush is spending time in Israel and the West Bank to try to get leaders to sign a peace agreement. In fact, the President went as far as predicting that a Middle East peace treaty will be signed by the time he leaves office. That’s a pretty bold statement but it sounds like the President wants to make this one of his main goals during his final year leading the country. He even traveled to an area in the West Bank where no US Head of State has gone before because of security issues.

Pella Windows Plant Closing
I was surprised when I saw this on the news late last night. The plant in Story City is closing next month. About 250 people will be laid off. A lot of businesses, especially those involved in the construction business, are dealing with hard times. However, Pella Corporation is one of those companies you think is immune from layoffs because it produces such a well-known and respected product used all around the country and beyond. This just another example of what happens when the housing market slumps in big cities.

Getting out of Debt
Megan Reuther had this story this morning. I know we’ve all heard the advice before. Still, most Americans spend more than they make and end up owing thousands of dollars in credit card debt. But Megan did have some good reminders about getting organized as the first step to getting out of debt. Coming up with a plan is the only way to control spending. Set specific goals about savings money. And, have a budget for your spending. Sounds like fun doesn’t it? Have you ever seen that Saturday Night Live skit with Steve Martin and Amy Poehler about getting out of debt? Check it out, it’s hilarious. And I guess it shows that you can listen to experts give advice all day long, but it really boils down to one thing: quit spending money!

I’m out of here. Have a great day.


  • Anonymous

    Brooke,Glad to have you back on the blog! Hope Patrick gets to feeling better. Regarding the post about getting out of debt, I work in a large bank, and unfortunately I see first hand how spending can get out of hand. Many people are refinancing their homes to come up with the money. I try to offer advice and help them out all that I can. You are correct, it does come down to them to stop spending!!As always keep up the great job morning crew! Mandie

  • Anonymous

    Brooke Good to see you on the blog.When you get home don’t worry about the blog. If Evan is awake and you have some quality time with him, that is very importanttoo. They grew up so fast. Enjoy him. I do enjoy your blogs too andI’m a faithful reader, keep it upwhen you can. You guys are a greatmorning team. Love Jerriann toohope she will be done with the evening newscasts soon and backto morning.

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