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Bush Steps in on the Economy, Hartzell Steps Down and No Seinfeld for You!

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Good Morning.

It must be Friday, there’s a lot to talk about before we take a couple of days off.
I feel like an idiot when I do stupid things. No matter when your routine starts, the list of things
you have to do before getting out the door can be hard to remember.
I left my coffee cup on the counter. I put it there specifically to take with me this morning. Once you get past forgetting something like that, you can’t imagine HOW it happened. It does.
That’s how the day started…it looks like it’s going to get busy.

In the News:

The Economy
Is it really bad or is the Media making it worse by scaring people? That’s the question Brooke and I talked about before the show. Each of us wondered how much of the slowdown in spending is due to people hearing and reading about bad economic news. Each of us also wondered how much the State of Iowa is insulated from the National trends of lower spending and layoffs. It’s hard to tell. I’d like to hear what you think though.

The reason all of this comes up is that The President is going to step in today and propose a one time, quick influx of cash into the economy. The idea is to give people a tax rebate and hope they run out and spend it.

NOON Update: The President did as expected so here’s a question I forgot to ask…if you do, in fact, get this money back will you spend it? If so, how?

Kudos to our intrepid Photojournalist Roger Riley who caught this one on the CF Currier this morning. Rick Hartzell is resigning at UNI after eight years as Athletic Director. I think it would be hard to argue his tenure has been anything but a success….but then what the heck do I know. The School asked him to stay, but Hartzell says he just didn’t feel like he was an appreciated member of the Schools Administration.

Wells Fargo
More than 100 people are being layed-off at Wells Fargo. The news came yesterday but as is typical with this company it told us they aren’t lay-offs so much as “restructuring”. I’m not sure someone who loses their job would agree.
The Company says people can transition to jobs open in the company (there are about 200 open) and that works but only if those jobs offer equal pay. If they cut the Anchor position out of Today in Iowa and offer me a job shoveling the walk at WHO instead, I hardly think I’d call that a transition.

Cleaning = Foreplay?
The Today Show’s website had this headline on it and it caught my eye…that’s the idea. The actual story is one that I think a lot of married people can relate to. It says a new study of women’s brains shows that to get a woman relaxed enough to get “turned on”, she needs to be free of distractions.
The example in the headline is that if the kitchen is clean, the kids have done their homework and all the chores are finished before you go to bed…a woman can relax.

The bigger point to me is understanding how your partner’s brain works. Men needed to be more aware of helping out, and Women need to be more willing to ASK FOR HELP. I think Brooke would agree it’s something a lot of married couples struggle with.

I hesitated to even make this a part of the blog…please don’t prove my trust in your judgement is misplaced by posting inappropriate comments about this story.

Bobbi Fischer
The American (or former American) Chess Champ died this morning. He was 64.

The owner of a Green Bay TV station, upon hearing the news that Giants QB Eli Manning loves Seinfeld, decided to pull all the re-runs from the schedule for the week.
That’ll get em.

I’m sure Vegas is seeing a run on bets for the Packers now!
Eli Manning will be so distraught… he’ll throw three interceptions and lose the game for the Giants….all because of Seinfeld….Neuman!
In a PR home run teed up by said TV Station Manager, Sony shipped Manning the Box Set of Seinfeld and a portable DVD player to watch them. And think…he doesn’t even have to watch the commercials!

Sorry I don’t have a lot to contribute today, but Patrick did a good job covering a broad range of topics. I will say however that on a program-related note, I miss the new episodes of my favorite sitcoms. I don’t know if I can stomach some of the reality television that is filling in the gaps right now. I am begging you writers, please return to work!!!

And finally a nod to my Mother who emailed and told me I’d likely offended most of Iowa in a past Blog posting. I wasn’t aware that I had, but if any of you caught my offense…you know what it was. I apologize if I unintentionally offended anyone. If you missed it…ignore all of this. Thanks Mom!

Have a great weekend


  • Anonymous

    Patrick — Thanks for the comments about Wells Fargo. They have been laying people off for well over a year in the Mortgage business a few each week so the media wouldn’t catch on. I was given notice in July. They cut half of my department, some scored new jobs with WF, others took pay and benefit cuts (going from salary to hourly pay), and others like me have scored better jobs with better companies. I really thing some of their PR people need to work for politicians, becuase there have been scores of people I know that didn’t think WF would ever lay off people, they do and right here in Des Moines. The good part is the salary continnuation plan is very good, so they don’t leave everyone out in the cold. About the economy I really think that a recession can be good. We should provide some protections to people (extended unemployement, etc) but we have had such a run up in the market and housing we need something to take us back to basics. It is tough, but it will only make us better.

  • Heather R.

    I dont know who I am rooting for this weekend!! I am a Colts or Cowboys fan and am so indecided right now. Maybe I should root for the other manning brother. Anyways. Have a good weekend.

  • Anonymous

    If I get that money the President promises, I’m banking it. I’m usually good with money and knowing that extra money is in my savings account is peace of mind in my opinion. First I’ll buy a pair of shoes…then bank the rest.

  • Anonymous

    Patrick..If you wrote somethingthat might have offended Iowans Isure missed it. I usually read the blog every day and I’m very Iowaso I might have been offended.

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