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  • Anonymous

    I can believe how high in demand you are, and how you leave your readers wanting more, but these people gotta give you break!!! I find myself very fortunate enough to at least read one new post a week. I personally enjoy the film reviews myself, so keep ’em coming. Have a nice weekend Keith! -Kel

  • travis

    I’m need to take another kick at this Pearl Jam horse:If your definition of evolve is to get worse, by all means, do the evolution, baby (pun intended).Pearl Jam is able to keep touring not because they are making new fans because they keep making great music, but because they have so many hanging on to them from when they were good and hugely popular.Since Vitalogy, Eddie Vedder sounds more and more like a goat with each passing album.I was once a huge fan of theirs, but am able to call a turd a turd when I see and smell it.Lastly, if I wanted to listen to Neil Young, why not just buy his album? You know what I am talking about.

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