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Sunny Sunday

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Who would have thought the 40’s could feel so good outside? But after -11 degrees Thursday morning in Des Moines, it sure feels like a heat wave.

Politically, that heat wave may be named Barack Obama. I can’t find anyone who predicted such a domination like the one he put on Hillary Clinton and John Edwards Saturday in the South Carolina Primary. Clinton aides will earn their money trying to spin the results of this one.

What must Edwards be thinking this morning? He was born in South Carolina. He greatly outspent the other two in media buys. And he still finished a distant third. What scenario does he envision from here on out that will bring him a win? It’s tough to find one, barring a near-miracle…or a near-collapse. Make that two near-collapses.

Meantime, Iowa Republicans have a new leader. Ray Hoffmann, got fired, uhmm, I mean, quit to go back home to run his restaurant. Stewart Iverson, the former Senate Majority Leader, takes over as party chair. Will he be able to reorganize and reshape the party in time to prevent further erosion in November?
Congrats to Jarrett Schneider. Jarrett’s a Renwick, Iowa native, who graduated from Drake University last year. Jarrett, who served as our Web Producer for (and helped us earn the honor of being displayed in the Library of Congress) has made his debut as a television reporter for WHO-TV. Fittingly, his first report focused on the rush to buy blue at his Alma mater.


  • Jack

    Obama’s massive win was just one more example of the readiness this country is in for REAL CHANGE. Mr. Clinton obviously did more harm than good while ‘speaking’ for his wife. He needs to step off and let the lady speak for herself…or can she?We need a President that can stand on THEIR OWN, not the shirt tails of their husband :)GOOOO OBAMA!personally though, I really hoped to see a win for Edwards here, for nothing more than to see him get as much media attention as the others, so that the real voters could finally hear his message. It’s rather hard to make a decision when you can’t hear one of the choices over the rhetoric.

  • Brad Hook

    Dave,I came in from choring Sunday a.m. to shower for church and your show was on with a guest speaker that stopped me in my tracks…..Chris Dorsey….an old Corydon boy that was a freshman when I was a senior. He looked and sounded pretty good! I hadn’t seen him for a number of years. Should’ve known that he’d go into politics as much as his mouth ran in school! :) Nice job with all your coverage this year.

  • Anonymous

    Bad, bad Bill. But, what else is new? It just isn’t in his nature to keep his mouth shut, especially when he has been able to lie his way through his term in office. Maybe he will let Hillary run her own campaign now.A Clinton-McCain race would be interesting. McCain, with his bad temper and Bill with his new-found temper should make an interesting fight. We think it’s bad now!!!I’m not sure which one of those I would want to have access to the “red button”.

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