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Happy Monday!
Thanks to everyone for the funny posts and emails regarding last week’s “Is your job sexy?” blog. One viewer sent a note saying sexy is a state of mind, so I thought I’d pass that on to those of you who wrote that your jobs are “unsexy.”

How about this weather?!? What a difference a week makes. I left the gym this morning feeling like I didn’t need a coat. Ahhhhhhhhh. We’ll be snapping back to reality tomorrow, but fifty degrees feels great today.

I’m kicking myself for forgetting to take my camera to the Rally Against Cancer Saturday night. Keith and I were the Masters of Ceremonies and Gale Sayers was the keynote speaker. It was inspirational just being in the presence of a living legend and Murph did a fantastic job introducing him. The people in attendance were inspirational, too. There is a moment during the program when the room is dark, and we’re asked to click on the light-up pen we’ve been given if we’ve been touched by cancer. Some lights come on when the organizers say, “Turn on your light if you’ve had cancer.” More light up with “Turn on your light if your spouse has cancer.” The list goes on … parents, siblings, any relatives, friends, colleagues … and soon, every pen light is glowing. It’s a somber moment and a powerful reminder of why we’re all there. Kim & Coral Johnson started the event seven years ago and only a handful of people showed up – this year the HyVee Conference Center in West Des Moines was sold out and thousands of dollars were raised for the John Stoddard Cancer Center. It was a great success – thanks to everyone who made it happen.

I have a cold, and a question. Why does only one side of your nose get plugged up? For the past several days I’ve been alternating nostrils and it’s driving me nuts. Nyquil is my friend at night.

Finally, we have some special reports coming up that we hope you’ll find interesting. This Thursday Dan Winters will be telling you how to keep your personal information secure online. I just read his script and learned a lot – hopefully you will, too.

Go Bulldogs!



  • Heather R.

    Erin,I asked the same question about the alternating nostrils thing. My friend who is a nursing student stated its all in the side you lay on or the side you lean the most torwards. Check it out tonight and if you lay on your left side, I bet its your left side that is plugged up because all the drainage has settled on the left side… I had a cold a few weeks ago and I was miserable!

  • Victoria

    Erin:Though it is only a temporary help, I purchase a neti pot for my son (allergies) and daughter, who had a cold. I ended up using as well…catching her bug. It helped relieve some symptoms and sinus pressure as well.On another note, hope your GI system is better and it was just a bug.Cindy B

  • Lindsay D.

    Erin, I loved your comment last night after the story of the man with the New York Giants man cave. You said the wife better have a lot of shoes- touché!!! I couldn’t stop laughing!!

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