State of the Union, Drake keeps climbing and Weekend Happenings

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Good Morning…We all woke up this morning in a little bit of a mood. It’s not that anyone’s angry or annoyed..we’re all just a little feisty. Good way to start the week. At least we’ve got the energy to get going again.

To The News:

State of the Union
The President gives his final State of the Union address tonight. It’s expected to last about 40 minutes. NBC’s Brooke Hart made an interesting point this morning where most of the President’s State of the Union addresses have focused on the war, overshadowing relative economic success…Now relative success in Iraq is being overshadowed by the prospect of economic trouble.
I would agree that the success in Iraq is overshadowed by other issues taking center stage. This is discouraging on a personal level because my brother-in-law has spent so much time over there and shares with me amazing stories of hope. No matter what your opinion on the war, the good things that are happening should be reported alongside the challenges and bad news coming out of Iraq. Here at WHO I think we do a pretty good job of covering the families who are effected by the war when their loved ones are deployed. We try to tell some of their good stories and share with viewers the impact Iowa soldiers have on the war. But I would still like to see MORE of those stories told by the people who are covering the war for networks.
Economic News
The President’s speechwriters might need to make last minute revisions to the speech tonight after some big economic indicators come out today. Most importantly we get a measure of consumer confidence today. That should measure how willing we all are to spend money these days.
The streak continues and that should mean an even higher ranking for Drake this week. What a great season! The best part about Drake is that everyone can get behind this team. There isn’t the taboo of jumping ship on the Hawks or the Clones in the one or the other is doing well. Can’t wait for the tournament.
Weekend News
We had a busy weekend that started early Saturday Morning. I played in a poker Tournament for charity down at the Eagles Lodge on the south side. We had a good time and I lasted a while in the tournament before being knocked out. The proceeds all go to charity so it was a great way to spend the day. The tournament drew more than 130 people.
It’s a good thing I didn’t last all afternoon. I had a date Saturday night with my lovely wife at the Brave Gala.
The highlight of the night came when the Brave organization gave an award to John and Mary Pappajohn for their contributions to Iowa and to Greater Des Moines. The sculpture garden the Pappajohns are donating to the Western Gateway is going to be a significant addition and improvement to an area that seems to be gaining steam by the month. The Best part about the people who give so much in this community is how approachable and normal they are.
A close second to the great award was watching Barry Griswell and Suku Radia doing their impression of the Blues Brothers onstage. The two are like Sinatra and Dean Martin. It’s funny to watch two of the most powerful Execs in town get up there and have a good time. They’re definitely NOT stuffed shirts.
I swore I’d get pictures and the only one that turned out was this one of my Brother Matt and I. Someone at the Gala actually walked up to him and said hi like he was me…Sally and Matt’s wife Amy don’t think we look that much alike. I tend to agree.

I had family in town this weekend which was wonderful but also a little exhausting. Eric’s dad came up from Wichita and his brother is here until Thursday. Eric’s nephew came back from college for the weekend as well. It was so good seeing everyone and most of the time I was just sitting back and laughing at all of them. Not only are they all incredibly opinionated, but they also like to raise the volume when they start debating. At one point, things got so loud that Evan’s lower lip started to quiver and he let out the saddest cry I have heard so far from him. It was a pretty classic moment. I think he’s going to be a lover, not a fighter!
I don’t know about you, but now that the snow has melted, I have sand everywhere in my garage. And somehow it made its way into my house. It’s disgusting. The garage and our cars are filthy. I cannot wait for spring!
Sunday we spent a lot of the day in the kitchen. It’s good to get a little food in the freezer…certainly it makes the week a lot easier. We made Cream of Chicken and Wild Rice Soup and Stuffed Peppers. Both are really good even after freezing and re-heating. This is about the time of year where we’ve got to switch up the menu a little bit. Winter food starts to get a little boring and we get into a rut. This should help. We’ve got enough food to feed an army. Those are the stuffed peppers on the right here….
Anyway have a good start to the week and enjoy the warmer weather today…it’s not going to last.


  • Anonymous

    Do you know if they are going to finish that sculpture on the South side of the Popajohn building by the library? It is a really cool sculpture of a person sitting holding its arms around it’s legs. It is made with letters all fuzed togather. But it is missing the face and arms(??) are they ever going to finish it do you know?

  • Anonymous

    I would challange you, Brooke, to chronicle any positive story you or your station has done on the Iraq War. Not the touchy feely fuzzy warm feeling family stories, but a story that said something positive about what is being accomplished there.

  • Anonymous

    Pat, you and your brother have a strong resemblance. Clearly from the same gene pool. That’s meant as a compliment.

  • Patrick Dix

    ANONYMOUS…I draw attention to that for a reason. This one is easy. Off the top of my head I can recall a story we did with Chuck Larson the Day he got back from Iraq…It was about the kids he’d met while his unit rebuilt schools. I can recall a story we did about a doctor..I think he was part of the medical reserves out of FT Des Moines. The story was about the care he gave, not just to our soldiers but to everyone in Iraq. I did a story Thanksgiving of 05I think with a soldier and his family from knoxville. His parents talked for a long time about the good things their son was doing in Iraq.NBC Network has done a lot of good reporting about the good our soldiers are doing in Iraq. In fact I seem to remember the stories about the surge and it’s positive effects came from Nightly before they came from any other network.The tone of your comment would imply you are dissapointed with the ammount of positive coverage out of Iraq, and in a lot of ways we don’t have control over the content coming out of Iraq. the network has a bureau there. We take their reporting and I would stand by it’s fairness and vaildity. We don’t have reporters from WHOTV on the ground in Iraq. At the same time, we’ve never turned down a story from a soldier returning from overseas, and have given those men and women a lot of time to tell their stories. I’m not sure what else you’d have us do?

  • Anonymous

    It’s fun to see the picture of you with your brother. I didn’t realize you had a brother and can’t believe how much you look alike.Do the rest of you have siblings?

  • Anonymous

    Thank you to WHO and NBC for covering the good stories out of Iraq and Afghanistan. My brother is currently serving his 3rd tour in 5 years, but this time in Kosovo. He has a lot of good stories and our hometown paper has been gracious enough to print a front page story of the interview. WHO doesn’t know all the people serving, so it is our duty as citizens and family members to get the good to the media. They can only do so much with the information they are given. After all it is war and not everything is good, but it sure is nicer to see. -Amy

  • Anonymous

    Remember… both Brooke and Jeriann have been affected by this war… both personally.careful stone caster…

  • Jack

    I think this ‘anonymous’ poster needs to be more specific about what it is they think should be covered? There is NOTHING you can do to sugar coat the fact we are in a war, whether or not you agree with the reasons behind it, our men and women are doing their jobs.Many people across Iowa and the US are glued to their telephones, front doors and televisions out of fear and concern for a loved one.The fact that some of our troops are doing good samaritan work while over there is nice to hear, it let’s us know its not all about killing and control….but again, there is nothing you can say to hide the fact a war is an ugly thing, it tragic and heart breaking, period.You don’t have to support the mission, but YOU HAVE to support the troops….if not..then why are you still living in America hiding behind your ‘anonymous’ name?

  • Brad Hook

    I ran into Patrick and his brother at Jordon Creed Mall a few weeks ago. In person, I really didn’t think they looked that much alike. I will agree with everyone else, that there is serious similarities in that picture. Too bad he got all the looks AND the brains! :) Sorry P.D., couldn’t resist!

  • Anonymous

    Hey PD Thought you might want to brush up on basic grammar. Your comment about the pic with your brother you wrote “only one that turned out was this one of my brother and I”. Now really, shouldn’t that read my brother and ME???

  • Anonymous

    Funny how whenever there is a question of coverage it is always refered back to the network and their bureau. So, basically what you are saying is, when it comes to national affairs your station is basically and rip and read, or run the tape organization. I am guessing you are not alone in this situation in your industry. I just find it frustrating that President Bush’s surge is working, and unless you hear John McCain reference it in a debate you rarely hear it referred to. Guess it is true, doom and gloom brings ratings.To the earlier poster, I realize both Brooke and JerriAnne have relatives serving. I thank them for their bravery and their service, as well as the families they left behind.God Bless the USA!

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