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Oops. Got that one wrong.

I thought the Patriots would win, and finally silence those ’72 Dolphins. Didn’t happen. The Giants pulled one of the all-time upsets, and deserved to win. They outplayed the Patriots. Period.

I think that was the most exciting Super Bowl I’ve ever seen, mostly because the stakes were so high and the underdog won.

Maybe karma finally found the Patriots. After all, they did cheat.

Iowa State’s Ellis Hobbs received a lot of pub this season, most of it good, but he’ll now be seen forever getting burned by Plaxico Burress on the game-winning touchdown.

I thought overall the ads were so-so, though Will Ferrell made me laugh out loud, as usual.


  • Dave

    Being the movie critic that you are, I can’t believe you appreciate the sophomoric humor of Will Ferrell. Come on Murph, the Clydesdale ad was the best of a very average batch of Super Bowl ads.

  • travis

    Agreed, this was the best Super Bowl I have seen in my life time (’75).I think that this Bowl may go down as the Super Bowl of justice. Bill is a cheater and a sore loser.

  • Sara's Brother

    Actually, my favorite “commercial” was the Terminator beating the crap out of that stupid Fox football robot.

  • Heather R.

    Thanks for taking my call live on Sound Off last night Keith. I was exstatic about the win!! That was the best super bowl I can remember in my 23 years…

  • TheBigCheeseMCR

    Are you kidding me?! This super bowl was LAME and the commercials sucked big time. I can’t even remember the last time I sat through all the super bowl commercials throughout the years and didn’t laugh at least once- but not this year, not even a smirk or a chuckle. I still think the Pats are the best team I have had the privilege of seeing in my lifetime (30 years). I am also so sick of hearing people bitch and moan about Belichick “cheating” and also that he left the field with a couple of ticks left. For a team to go in and win week in and week out is pure talent, bottom line.But I think the best team won on that given day. This is why games aren’t played on paper and this is why we tune in. I still think Eli is an over-rated piece of junk too. Really the sad thing is that we do it all again next year and by the time the next super bowl rolls around, we will still have to sit and think for a minute who even played in last years game.-The BIG CheeseP.S. Where can I find an email address for Jeriann? I wanna drop that hottie a line!

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