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Super Tuesday Eve, Super Bowl and

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Good Morning.

I am getting started on this a little early (Sunday)because I’m so bummed…What was FOX thinking? Every song they presented in this year’s pre-game show was…recorded.

Was it just me or did I see just about everyone who was singing fall behind the recording? What’s worst is that they did it to the National Anthem! Does anyone else remember Whitney Houston? That might have been the single most memorable Pre-Super Bowl moment of my lifetime. We were weeks away from the first Gulf War and she captured the emotion and pride of an entire nation. Can we not trust the woman singing to do the same this year? If you can’t get up for that moment…say no to the offer to sing the anthem.

….And here comes the coin toss. Yikes. It’s like the Yalta convention out there!

Joe Buck Said it best…Finally football!

-Is everyone sitting away from Peyton Manning cause he yells a lot when he’s watching his brother plays?…if so I like him more than I did before the game
-(Halftime) Do any of the kids in the front row actually know who Tom Petty is?
At least he’s really singing.
-How bout Phil Mickelson for giving up his Super Bowl tix so some Dad and his kid can go instead…
-(2nd Half) TGI Friday’s Potato Skins are goooood
-Was it me or did eveyone lose audio a lot on Mediacom?
-Great Game…one of the best endings to a Super Bowl in a while. The only problem? Couldn’t sleep after my heartrate got to about 170.

It was all Super Bowl and Weather this morning. Jeriann says Oskaloosa and other areas nearby could get a lot of snow tomorrow morning added to the foot they got yesterday. Now this is the Iowa I remember growing up!

I don’t have a lot to add this morning. I just wasn’t wowed by the commercials that aired during the Super Bowl. Am I the only one who thinks that? They were not really clever or funny. Loved the screaming animals. That’s the only one that got a rise out of me.

Pat and Jeriann and I went to Trostels Friday afternoon to celebrate the start of the weekend. It’s a rare occasion when we all get together outside of work, so it was kind of fun kickin’ back together. Love the mac and cheese at Trostels. Enjoy the pictures.

Have a great week.

Brooke and Pat


  • Anonymous

    Love the pictures Brooke thanks! I agree with the commercials…who are their advertising agencies because I would be angry after paying 2.7 million for the air time and the agency fees on top of that. I have seen better, probably 3 good ones. -Elizabeth

  • Lisa

    Great picture Brooke! Thanks for sharing. You look beautiful (as usual).Jerrian, are you trying something new with your hair?

  • Anonymous

    huh?? the National Anthem was lip synced? I guess I didn’t knotice others singing along to get out of sync, but it was so drawn out I can believe it.I watched the game on HD. Must have been Fox’s signal cause I had a bunch of audio and frozen frames also.I’m tired of the hype about the ads. After the game it was almost talked about more than the game by Lynn, Murph and Andy. I almost turned off the tv. The ad’s just don’t live up to the hype.

  • Anonymous

    got a questions, well a couple I guess.My wife and I noticed that the anchors blink alot, like continuisly. I guess that maybe that’s a signal to move the telepromter a line. Is it or do you all just blink alot.Also why does the Des Moines station only do special reports durring sweeps month? I grew up in the Twin Cities and special reports and investigations were ongoing throughout the year. Kinda made the news more interesting.

  • Patrick Dix

    As for the blinking I think we’re all just tired. we’re all guilty of staying up too late. That’s the only thing I can think of.Believe me when I tell you we could do semiphore and it wouldn’t signal anyone to do anything with the teleprompter. Blinking won’t do it.

  • Anonymous

    Real Nice, afternoon drinking without Brad! Not very team buildingish. Or, does JerriAnne really hate Brad that bad?

  • Heather R.

    I thought the national anthem was awesome! I thought Jordin Sparks did excellent and I would not think less of it. It was beautifully done. I didn’t like the commercials however, I got my fix of football. Honestly I couldn’t sleep last night after that ending but I am excited :)

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