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Bob Knight retired mid-season. Why? He wants his son, Pat, to be the next Keno.

Knight was a great coach, especially in the 70s and 80s. He could teach the game of basketball like no other. It’s too bad his boorish behavior often overshadowed his genius—and even his well hidden soft side.

99% of Knight’s players swear by him, even if he swore at them.

Drake ranked 15th in the country!? Miss Clio didn’t see that coming.

Drake’s BracketBuster is at Butler’s Hinkle Fieldhouse. That’s got road trip written all over it. Anyone who’s seen the final game in “Hoosiers” needs to visit the site of Jimmy Chitwood’s buzzer-beating jumper.

I hope Wesley Johnson can play against Texas A&M or it could be a long night for the Cyclones.

Super Bowl XLII goes down as the most watched TV show in American history next to… M*A*S*H. I love Mash. My dad got me hooked on it, and my son, Cody, loves it—but we’ll never again see the day where a scripted show draws 100 million people.

I suppose I deserve Erin showing that highly embarrassing picture of me posing as if I were a cross behind The Bandit and Ron Burgundy. I know I showed pictures of Erin cheering the Bulldogs in blue Spandex. But Erin looked good. I just look goofy. It’s not a fair trade! Blog with one eye open Erin Kiernan.


  • Anonymous

    Murph, since you seem to be the engineer driving this Bulldog Bandwagon, let’s hear your prediction about tonight’s game. The supposedly 15th best team in the country against an unranked team they’ve already beaten once. Should be an easy call for you. Brian

  • thebigcheesemcr

    I agree with you all the way, Keith. However, what I don’t agree with is our local sports station(s) and KXNO with the likes of Cotlar, Marty and Miller telling us that we all need to support Drake, get out there and buy some merch, go to a game and root ’em on. But why the hell should we? Hey, I’m happy for the Bulldogs and congratulate them on their great season thus far, but just because I live in Des Moines it doesn’t mean that Drake is “my team”. The same goes with the Stars and the Energy.And now you have people talking about wanting to see the Bulldogs start playing at Vets Auditorium or The Events Center?! Give me a break! Yea the Dogs have a pretty good following but just because you have a miracle year doesn’t mean you are now a powerhouse and need top of the line stadiums/arenas. Do you think now all of a sudden the Forest Ave. thugs are gonna start wearing Drake hats on sideways and sagging their blue break away pants? Good for Drake and good for their fans, but don’t push a one year wonder on us and expect it to take over the country like a tidal wave and everyone to jump on board.And that’s what’s Buggin” Me (yea, I know this has been probably done to death but, damn it, I want my turn too!)-The Big Cheese

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