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There are too many ornery men in my life.
Two of them were in cohoots last week and the result has been the airing on tv of some very old pictures of me in a very embarassing outfit.
There’s no need to rehash any of those details, but I’d like to take this opportunity to share with you an adorable photo of my husband, Michael Jerome Kiernan. His birthday is this week so I thought a childhood photo would be appropriate. This is Michael with his older brother Dan, circa 1977. Happy Birthday babe, I love you!

One down.
One to go.
Many thanks to Chad and Jen in our production department for digging up this classic pic of Murph. That’s right, you’re looking at Mr. Keith Murphy. I’m assuming this is a prom or homecoming photo, although I’m afraid to guess what year this was taken. What do you guys think? Regardless, the mustache is smokin’ hot. Almost as hot as the pose Keith is striking here. When I saw this, I laughed so hard I almost peed.

Finally, some loose ends …. so many of you recommended a neti pot that I think I’m going to invest in one…. to the ladies who dropped me emails about the shoe comments last week, thanks for backing me up …. we’re glad to have Jarrett Schneider reporting for us, although it means I can no longer call him “brainiac intern” …. this winter is feeling loooooooooonnnngggggggg … it’s time to do the news!


  • Melinda

    OMG! I didn’t realize you posted the boys’ picture on your blog. Dan wants to know what he did to deserve this! Ha! I’ll have to show you some time how to crop a photo…or maybe not. I had a good laugh! Dan enjoyed seeing Murph’s photo though. I told him at least the pic with Mike is cute. Sorry Murph. :)

  • Keith Murphy

    Erin,It’s getting worse. Jenny just said the picture makes me look like a “dirtbag”. Dirtbag! I think the irony is lost. Even people who love me are disgusted.The Bandit

  • Heather R.

    I about lost it when I was watching the show last night and these pictures showed up. My friend and I watched Soundoff and than we saw this and oh man, who! I don’t think i’ve laughed this hard in a long time! Good job Erin!

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