For a good cause, expiration dates, no new ideas

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Hi gang!

It’s been years since I’ve listened to, or participated in any karaoke singing but that’s what we did Saturday night for a good cause. Sonya and I sang (more like screamed) Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” with a bunch of other ladies at Maddy’s in West Des Moines. I think we should stick to reading! However, if you’ve got a good voice and $25 bucks, you should enter the contest. All proceeds to to the Variety Club of Iowa. Hit Billy Joe’s this Saturday at 4pm and next Tuesday, the 19th at 9pm.
How do you deal with expiration dates? Are you the type to pitch a food item if it’s even a second past the “use by” date, or do you sniff and nibble and finally take your chances? I just got done eating a bag of salad that had “Use by 2/09” printed on the front, and some cheese that needed to have a bit of mold cut off the edge. I just hate throwing food away, it drives me nuts. If I’m not on tv later this evening, you’ll know why.
My husband is freaking out everytime he sees a promo for “Knight Rider” and not in a good way. Michael is ticked off because the car in this new version is a Ford Mustang.

It’s a hot car … but this is a serious departure from the orginall KITT, which was a Trans Am. Plus, I don’t know who the guy is in the 2008 “Knight Rider” but he’s no David Hasselhoff!

I suppose it’s kindof how I felt about a new “Bionic Woman.” No one can replace Lindsay Wagner. I was also a little ticked off when Jessica Simpson got to play Daisy Duke in “The Dukes of Hazard” and she didn’t even dye her hair. Daisy is a brunette, people! What do you think of remakes? There seem to have a been a lot of them in recent years. Do any live up to the originals? Were the originals just as lame, but our nostalgia overshadows how bad they were? Deep things to ponder, I know.

That’ll do it for now, it’s almost time for the five o’clock show. Don’t worry, Sonya and I will be talking – not singing!



  • Lisa

    I am a pitcher – I am too paranoid to keep anything past the due date in my house. It drives my parents nuts, they remind me they did not bring me up that way. Erin, I would of thought after your hospital stay you’d share my paranoia – kudos for being a strong woman!! :-) I agree with you, they should keep the memories of “our” TV shows the way they were-they did pretty good with Charlie’s Angels, but this Knight Rider is horrible…tell Michael he is not alone!! Thanks for posting!!

  • Heather R.

    My room mate wants to strangle me sometimes because I am constantly throwing things away. I think that if you use a bag of shredded cheese and there is 1/4 left, THROW IT AWAY! She leaves things like that in there for weeks and then never uses it and wonders why I throw it away. I am way to paranoid!! I agree w/ Lisa…. :)Heather.

  • A.

    I hate to pitch things, but I’m not going to take a stomach virus in the interests of being cheap. Out it goes. Charlie’s Angels and Starsky & Hutch have been the only good remakes I’ve seen… the rest seem to be used as a vehicle for attaching the latest “it” starlets to what is viewed as a successful formula. And they’re butchering it. Sorry, but Jessica Simpson needs to go the way of the lemmings.

  • IAgal

    I am with you, Erin. I hate to waste anything. However, if it has mold on it, I will toss it. Otherwise, if it looks/smells OK I’ll use it regardless of the date. I hate to admit this, but I have seen this “new guy” …he has been on daytime TV. All My Children to be exact.

  • rosorio

    Expiration/shelf life/ use before dateThe date posted is to let you know that the manufacturer has acknowledged the quality is affected after this date. This should be taken seriously for items that have a label of effectiveness attached to it. Medicines, Vaccines etc…CarsI came back from the Chicago Auto show and took pictures of that car. Not the actual knight rider car. The Shelby GT500KR. It is in my opinion a very nice car. The reason why it was not a Trans AM is probably because it is no longer being produced by Pontiac. Lately, it is being judged by corporations that want to sell new car models. The Transformers movie did the same with the model of cars displayed. The cars were all different from the original. If Michael is unhappy with the Shelby GT500KR, you should buy him a brand new supercharged corvette ZR1, a new Dodge Challenger or the new Chevy Camaro. I’m sure Michael will be trilled to get one of those for Valentine :)

  • Bob Nielsen

    Erin,I hate remakes!! From “Battlestar Galactica” to “Spider-Man,” (although, I have to admit they came about as close as anybody to staying true to the original), these movies based on shows we grew up on are ridiculous!! Bob

  • Samantha

    I tend to try to avoid wasting food. I just hate wasting things. I make a point of trying to use things by the date on the package. In the case of boxed food (like potatoes, macaroni and cheese, cake mixes, etc) I go ahead and use it anyway. I’ve never had a problem doing that. Anything like mayonnaise I toss out. Anything that’s obviously moldy, or has strange texture, or smells bad in the dairy department (cream cheese, shredded cheese, sour cream, dips) goes into the trash too.One thing that really irks me though, is living with people who do not respect this mentality. I had a container of squeezable grape jelly that was at least 1/3 full still. Someone threw it out, and it wasn’t even *near* the expiration date. I was using it on a regular basis, too. So one day I went to make my daughter and myself PB&J sandwiches for lunch…no jelly. My motto is that if it’s not mine, I leave it alone, or I at least ask before messing with it.As for remakes, there are some that I think have worked very well. Someone mentioned Battlestar Galactica as not working, but I completely disagree. If you’ve watched all of the original series (including the horrid Galactica 1980), and then watch the new…in terms of compelling story, I don’t think there’s any competition. Perhaps there’s a nostalgia factor involved that I’m missing because I was coerced into watching the new series first. I went back and rewatched the entire original series and could barely stomach it. In general though, I hate the concept of remakes. One of my pseudo-fears as I get older is that I’ll start to see a lot of the shows I love getting re-made horrendously.

  • Bob Nielsen

    samantha,I think I was the one who mentioned Battlestar Galactica, but I’ll agree with you – the new Galactica is much more compelling than the original. However, what made the original so good (IMHO) was its occasional journey into camp, along with its humor, something that is sadly missing (at least from what I’ve seen) from the new show.

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