It’s Not the Problem with Bill; It’s Bills

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The Presidential candidates have long since left town, but at least one person (or at least her campaign) forgot to take care of something. She apparently didn’t pay her bills. We’re hearing Hillary Clinton has been a little tardy in that area.

Top Job Services, a cleaning company in West Des Moines, said the campaign stiffed him for $7561 (that includes service and late fees) for cleaning both Clinton campaign offices in Des Moines over three months. Rich Reese, the company’s owner, said he tried numerous to get paid but got nowhere. WHO-TV aired the man’s complaints on its newscast Sunday night. The Clinton campaign called Reese Sunday and said the check would be in the mail in the coming days. The campaign called Reese again Monday and said the check had been mailed.

Reese told us he never had any similar problems with Chris Dodd’s campaign. In fact, he told us he cleaned Dodd’s office, as well as the home the Dodds rented in Des Moines. Dodd’s campaign paid him promptly, he said. He added that whenever he went to the Dodds’ temporary home t0 clean, Jackie Dodd always had a check on a counter waiting for him.

The Hotel Ottumwa told a similar tale of bill-paying problems. The Clinton campaign booked the hotel ballroom for a New Year’s Eve party (hotel people knew they would be busy, since they were also hosting a dance that night). Clinton supporters showed up that night. Secret service did, too. The guest of honor, former President Bill Clinton, never did. Plane/weather troubles kept him away.
The hotel owner told us without the guest of honor, there wasn’t much of a campaign party. She says the Clinton campaign offered to buy tickets for all the disappointed supporters to go the dance. But she says the campaign never did. She says if you add it all up…for the promised dance tickets, the food, the equipment, for the event, etc., the bill equals $9125. WHO-TV aired a story on it Monday night. The Clinton campaign has now called to tell the owner the check is in the mail.


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