Patomac Primary, Hearty Month and You Asked For it

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Good Morning…
We tried, we thought you could handle it, but there’s no doubt now, the blog comments have deteriorated into pure stupidity. So as of this morning if you want to comment we’ll ask you to sign up. Those of you who do will be welcome to comment and contribute. It has little or nothing to do with what was said. It’s pretty clear to us who was commenting.
My only thought?…get your boss to let you write a blog.

To the News:
Potomac Primary
After a weekend of caucuses from The Pacific Northwest to the East Coast, Sen Barack Obama is looking to continue the momentum he built up. Obama won all of the democratic contests this weekend but still trails Sen Clinton when you add in the Super Delegate count. If you haven’t heard of Super Delegates, these are Party Big wigs…VIP’s that get a vote at the Democratic Convention. Interesting that the Dems Super Delegates in this state are still split. If I were a voter who went out and caucuses here in Iowa, and my Congressman for instance, was going to go against the will of his district and vote for the candidate we DIDN’T choose…I’d be upset.

On the Republican side there aren’t enough delegates for Iowa winner Mike Huckabee to win the nomination…but who knows what would happen if, for instance Mitt Romney committed his delegates to Huckabee instead of McCain. We’ll see.

Smoking Ban
What about this ban on indoor smoking? It looks like it’s going to pass and that it’s going to be signed into law. I’d be interested to hear your opinions about banning smoking in all public places.

Heart Healthy
Megan Reuther is going to give people some tips each Monday of February to try and promote some good heart health. This week it was the testing you need to have done to make sure you are heart healthy. If you’re a thirty something like me, you might not want to skip over this stuff. If for no other reason,. you might want some baseline testing done. The idea is that doctors will have something to compare it to later in your life to see if anything’s changed. I’ve run into a few instances with friends where doctors think they see something wrong on a test but aren’t sure because they have nothing to compare it to. Next week: Exercising for a healthy heart.

This is one of those areas where you think you shouldn’t worry about your heart until you are older. But this morning one of the nurses from the traveling clinic in Megan’s story said a lot of our bad behavior in college and during our 20’s (like eating poorly and drinking too much alcohol) can really take a toll on your heart while you are still relatively young. Even people who live a healthy lifestyle can have heart problems if it is hereditary.

We did our part for the economy this weekend. It wasn’t actually new money out of our pocket, it was mostly money we had from Christmas returns. This morning’s tie was a result of that return/exchange spree.

Find of the weekend came when we walked into Blockbuster and found a pre-viewed copy of the third season of The West Wing for $20. We got the second season for Christmas and have been looking for the others. We just happened to have 2 $10 gift cards from our stockings…Perfect!

Speaking of perfect Sal and I had a great date night Saturday. I have said before I won’t call out bad businesses or bad experiences by name here but I will praise great ones. We had dinner at 801 Steak House as a special celebration. The service, the food and the entire experience was really worth it…and for those of you who’ve eaten there you know it’s pricey! We don’t do it often but that, I guess, is what makes it special.

Eric and I went to a movie on Saturday night while my sister watched Evan. We love going to the Fleur so we decided to see ‘There will be Blood’ with Daniel Day-Lewis. I got 8 Oscar nominations so we figured it had to be good. It definitely was, but a little bit of a downer. I think I was in the mood for something funny and this definitely didn’t help me beat the winter blues. Has anyone else seen this movie? It was also one of those movies that left you wondering about a lot of things, too. I guess that’s the mark of a good movie, but there are a few things that I want answered when I walk out of the theatre.

Have a good start to the week.


  • Steve

    I agree with Lisa. I use a tracker on my blog, and it tells you the IP addresses of your visitors, even if they leave anonymous comments. It’s good for blocking out the stalkers/trash talkers.Funny clip on the bobsledding this morning!

  • Sara

    Is there a way to get the list of Iowa super delegates? I think Brandon Routh should be an honorary one; let Superman have his say. :) But seriously, is there anything voters can do to influence the super delegates? I make some wicked chocolate chip cookies.

  • Curt Brown

    On the smoking ban – I’m a smoker, but I agree that smoking should be banned in <>most<> public places.But when it comes to bars (not bar and grills, just bars), I think its kinda silly. Most people and at a bar aren’t there for the healthy environment. They want to chill out with a drink or 5 and have a few smokes along for the ride.And if the employees complain about the health issues, they probably need to find somewhere else to work.This nanny state stuff is getting on my nerves. I need a cigarette.

  • IAgal

    I, too, am so glad to see the censorship on this blog. Was getting tired of the immature comments and bickering going on.As a non-smoker, I have to disagree with Curt. I am sympathetic to the smokers, but dont understand why it has to be the NON-smokers who have to suffer when we go out. We have no control over the polluted air that we breathe when we want to go to a bar with our friends. I understand and agree with your point about most people going arent there for a healthy environment. But when you want to go somewhere (and in our small town, bars are the only option) to just catch up with a friend…what are you to do? It is something I struggle with more now than ever, being a 30 yr old who cant catch up with my girlfriends without exposing my child (due in March) to the polluted air. Needless to say, I have settled with NOT getting out with my friends. :(

  • Lisa

    It seems the majority of readers leaving comments about cleaning up the blog are happy with the decision – whether it was Patrick’s doing or someone higher up. The things that have been said here over the past few weeks had begun to sound like a bunch of childish hear-say going back and forth, and it was getting OLD. Who cares who is better looking or what is going on in someone else’s PRIVATE life? If you want to listen and join in on that kind of garbage, pick any junior high school luchroom and sit with a table full of 14 year old girls. I’m certain you could get your fill of crap-talk there.

  • A.

    iagal – you can’t go to a coffee shop to catch up with your friends? Or someone’s house? Heck, every small town I’ve ever been in (and they’ve been *small* small towns) has at least a coffee shop *and a bar. You’re telling me that the only public place that would allow for you to sit down with friends is a bar? Sorry, but you choose to get pregnant (most of the time, anyway) and therefore you have a choice as to where you put your body. It is *your* responsibility to take care of your unborn child, not the rest of society’s. Take ownership of your own behavior and choices.

  • IAgal

    “a.” … you’re right, it is my responsibility which is why I havent been to a bar since I found out I was expecting. And yes, our small (VERY small) town has just recently gotten a coffee shop. But the problem with that is that mothers struggle to find time during those business hours to get together…so yes, the next choice would be a house. So how do we get away from the kids…? Atmosphere is another factor. It’s not the same in a home as it is with other people around you…not as “social” an environment…I am not saying that I think banning all smoking–bars and ALL public places–is the right thing to do. I am just stating my opinion which is that I would not be disappointed to see them ban smoking. I am sure we could go on with this…Thanks for the debate…

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