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Drake’s Streak goes South, Andy does WX and catching up on the Blog

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Good Morning!
I’m sorry I didn’t contribute yesterday. I tried…really, but the people at the Los Angeles International Airport aren’t as generous as our Airport people are. They don’t have free wireless. I wrote on the plane and wanted to post it.
We arrived back in Des Moines last night just before 10pm. A little early. It was late for Roger and me.
Here’s the entry anyway:
Somewhere over Colorado at 33,000 ft:I took Sally’s laptop computer this morning so I could blog a little while we were on our trip. If you missed the show this morning we are headed to Los Angeles on the first non-stop flight any major carrier has offered to the west coast from Des Moines. Those of you who’ve been around a while will remember AccesAir’s failed venture to bring west coast service to Des Moines. Things are, of course, different now. Skywest and United, the airlines running this route, are banking on business travel to fill the seats. You would think these people know what they’re doing. Los Angeles is one of the top ten destinations from Des Moines’ Airport, so you would think there would be demand. Leisure travelers might enjoy a quicker connection to Hawaii or other west coast destinations. Most importantly they tell me, they’re using regional jets. The CRJ-700 to be specific. It’s more fuel efficient and if they can get thirty to fifty passengers a day on the 66 seat aircraft they’re going to be making money on the deal. We’ve met a few really nice people on this flight and, surprisingly, to me at least, any of them are those leisure travelers. We talked to at least three couples headed to Hawaii, and one to San Diego. The question, as with every new venture at the airport, is can we sustain the traffic o this route to keep it going? That’s always the risk, not just here but in a lot of small to medium sized airports. I got on the phone with a lot of the businesses who might use this flight and a couple of travel agents. They were all in agreement. It’s a great idea, and they all hopes it would work. The business community was unanimous in its conclusion that this would make it easier for companies like Pioneer and Kemin Industries to get people back and forth to Asia they do a lot of traveling to Asia…ING has a division in southern California that’s slowly migrating to Des Moines. I guess there are a lot of people in the Des Moines office that still do business in Southern California. Finally, Pioneer representatives told me they’d use this as a recruiting tool. They think if they can tell top job candidates that you can get to either coast in less than four hours without having to connect; some of those people would be more likely to accept a job in Des Moines. We’re just passing over the Rockies now so my earlier assessment of our position was probably wrong.Roger Riley is along to shoot the video record of this trip and is having a great time taking digital pictures out the window of the plane. Colorado Springs and The Garden of the Gods was clearly visible. Wow this view is great! I never cross the Rockies in a plane without thinking…how in the world did anyone ever get across these things on foot? For the record, we are guests of United on this flight. They are ferrying us back and forth today. It will be a long day but I think we’ll get good use out of the story/stories we’ll pick up while we’re in California. Maybe more later, but I might try to get a few wink of sleep right now. As I said, it’s going to be a long day.

So on to today’s news:

Well they lost, but we were talking this morning and I actually think that’s a good thing. The streak doesn’t mean anything if the team loses in the first round of the NCAA Tournament, or in the first round of the Valley Tournament for that matter. This gets losing out of the way, and they lost in a tough place to play and made it a good game. No damage. They might drop a few spots in the AP poll but that’s ok.

Murder Trial
How bizarre is this case? Guy accused of shooting his mistresses husband…Authorities initially think the guy shot himself? The wife (accused of cheating) also brings another guy along for good measure? Should be interesting.

Valentine’s Day
I didn’t get a chance to read the blog from yesterday either but I think Brooke asked about Valentine’s Day. It’s Not that big of a deal in our house either. It sounds like an excuse but we really try to do something special for each other on a regular basis. Hallmark doesn’t need my money.

What can I say? He’s a pro…he’s a good sport and he’s funny. Look for the What’s bugging Andy Morning edition on the web this morning. He was totally funny but also right on the mark about getting up early in the morning. It’s full of moments where you have to look around and wonder if you’re on candid camera. It would make a good reality show…
Look for What’s bugging Jeriann tonight at 10pm.

Have a good day!


  • altoonagal

    Set my alarm for 5 today just to watch Andy do the weather. He did a great job and I loved the What’s Bugging Andy bit today about getting up so early to go to work. I feel like that everyday! I always start my day off with my cup of coffee, Patrick, Brooke, Jeriann and Brad. Can’t wait to watch What’s Bugging Jeriann tonight at 10.

  • Sara

    I hate mornings, but I did the same… set my alarm for 5, watched about half an hour and then fell back asleep. It was good to start a day off with a laugh and a nap.

  • A.

    It had some funny moments, but I’ll be the jerk today guys.. it kind of reeked of “sweeps stunt”.Maybe I’m just afraid y’all are going to overdo it on Andy… the great thing about “what’s bugging andy” is that it gives us something to look forward to – it had become “appointment television”. If Andy’s on all day, everyday, doing stories all through the week and them popping up everywhere, why bother to tune in for SoundOff?Please don’t make Andy the Jessica Simpson [overexposed] of Channel 13.

  • Patrick Dix

    Andy assures me he has no plans for a Duke of Hazzard remake. He is working on his debut album though…As for the “sweeps stunt” issue; we just thought it would be fun. Jeriann was simply not here today. Andy agreed to fill in. Simple as that, I promise.

  • lizzy

    My favorite parts of the weather was Andy starting to groove to the happy dance and how Justin needed to help with the voice overs…all in all enjoyable.

  • Steve

    I gotta be honest here…I never was too familiar with Andy, being a morning-only news guy. The guy was a riot! Great job to all…keeping it fun, yet informative.

  • bud

    Patrick – I’m curious…If Andy was simply “filling in” for Jeriann why make such a big deal about it and why didn’t Justin fill in? He was obviously there. Kind of an insult to him, wasn’t it?Like a., I’m not trying to be a hater, I just think that weather is pretty important to people so why trivialize it?

  • Tim

    I agree Bud. It was totally a “sweeps stunt.” That’s why it was promoted on this blog and on TV days in advance. Hey watch our funny guy do the weather – even though a real weatherman was setting right there. Bad idea. What a slap in the face to Justin. A station that’s supposedly serious about weather wouldn’t have a 2nd-rate comedian do it. I promise.

  • Vern

    Seemed like a really bad idea. There was definitely some not so great weather going on around the area and I was shocked to see it turned into “sketch comedy”. And if it was really about Andy and Jerrian trading jobs, why wasn’t Jerrian there to walk him through everything. If that’s what they were going for, it would have made more sense for Andy to “shadow” Jerrian and report on what she does behind the scenes. Maybe have him give it a shot once or twice, but not the whole show. I take the weather around here very seriously, and I want the station I’m watching to take it seriously too.

  • Patrick Dix

    I thought no one was going to comment and it all had to be positive now that we’re making people put their name on their comments…Good comments guys…You are welcome to believe what you believe…I can only tell you what I know to be true… I have to go give Justin an ice pack to ease the swelling from his slap in the face… We had a little fun yesterday. We’ll try not to have too much fun next week to balance things out.

  • nuthatch

    Just cause we need an account dosn’t mean we are any less anonymous. We don’t have to use our name still and even if we did you still wouldn’t know me from anyone else.Anyways, I turned on the tv at 6:45 and saw Justin. Nothing against him, but I was expecting Andy. Also Jeriann’s bit was taped. Andy is always live. If your truly going to switch jobs for a day, actually do it, not pre-taped, or for one or two segments.

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