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Trading words in Austin, Jeriann in Colo and Mom and Dad Make a Visit

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Good Morning,

I’m finding if I don’t get to this during the show I won’t get to it. My garage drama continues. It’s never good when anyone coming to fix something at your house looks at you…shakes their head and says, “it’s gonna cost a little more than I thought.”
I’m not cheap but the LAST thing I want to spend money on is a new garage door no one is going to see…ever.

Anyway, Sally and I are sick of parking outside, so it looks like we’re going to pull the trigger today.

To the News:

Just Words

So I haven’t asked…who thinks Barack Obama plagiarized his lines about “just words”. Sen Hillary Clinton apparently does so she’s trying to hammer home the theme that Obama doesn’t really have any new ideas. Did it work? Any of you believe it…any of you who were actually going to vote for Sen Obama?

I should add in here (since we missed yesterday’s headlines) that we had quite a debate about the NY Times article about John McCain and his relationship with a Lobbyist. Two unnamed sources, are the basis for an article that intimates John McCain had an affair with this woman.

I don’t know where to start on this one….wait, yes I do….

You shouldn’t be able to smear someone so easily. The sources should have had to reveal their names or the story shouldn’t have run. The other debate we had was where are the attacks coming from? These days McCain is finding out he’s got harsh critics on the left and the right.

Hardly a Pet Palace

Every once in a while you have to shake your head and wonder what’s wrong with people. Someone had the idea that they’d breed pets out of this storefront in Ottumwa. The problem? For starters the owner got sick and the people she left to take care of the store…didn’t. The animals were left to suffer. I don’t consider myself an animal activist or someone who’d go out and paint themselves for a PETA rally. I do have pets, and they make my life better that it would be without them. Its simple…animals don’t deserve to live like that.

Jeriann in Colo
Jeriann got a great invitation from Niland’s Cafe to come up and have breakfast. I love it when the entire town shows up for our fun forecast. If you don’t know the story of the Lincoln Highway, you should look it up. We had our first “Baby Happy Dance” and a history lesson from a guy named Joe while Jeriann had some breakfast.

Mom and Dad make a Visit

My parents are happy Jeriann cooperated with a forecast good enough to drive over from Chicago this weekend. We’re looking forward to having them here and have a few ideas about what we might do tonight. My Mom and Dad were season ticket holders for the Chicago Blackhawks early in their marriage…my Mom says she likes hockey just as Much as my Dad does, so you might spot us at the game tonight at 7. Defending the Caveman is running at the Temple Theatre downtown. My parents have seen it but they sounded excited about seeing it again. Finally, we haven’t been down to see the Dueling pianos in the East Village. We might go to dinner at Lucca then to the pianos.

I bring this up for two reasons…one for all of you if you’re looking for a suggestion, and two, to ask all of you: What am I missing?

Have a great weekend,


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  • Steve

    Glad the blog is back today! Great newscast this morning, as usual.Clinton/Obama: Hillary is really reaching here, and it is pretty apparent desperation. Sadly, our political system as a whole is so fractured due to partisanship that smear tactics like this are expected. The fact that they are in the same party and doing this, just shows how fractured the parties individually are. I could go on about this for days.McCain: I completely agree with you, you should NOT be able to smear someone so easily. Anyone can come out and say “two unnamed sources”. In fact, I have two unnamed sourced that have informed me that no one on the planet is as cool as I am. Sure, I, and those that know me, know that is not true at all, but you can say anything under the guise of “unnamed sources”. I cannot even bring myself to watch the national news outlets, or to read pretty much any newspaper.Have a great weekend with your parents, sounds like a great time.

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