Clinton Complains, Drake takes a Dive and Searching for Some Sun

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Good Morning,

I stopped complaining about being tired when I saw Andy Fales walk in the door after 5:30 this morning. He’d been driving all night back from Springfield. the only reason I was so tired this morning is that we finally got the garage fixed about 10pm last night. It was an ordeal for the guy who did it, but he did the job right and took the time to make sure. Precision Door is the company. I mention them only because they went so far above and beyond…as with restaurants I don’t talk about the bad ones except in general terms…but when I have a good experience, I says so.

I also had a shockingly good experience with my health insurance provider last night. Usually diving into the black abyss of customer service Hell that usually accompanies a health care question is a patience sapping experience…Last night I had a woman help me who could not have been nicer. And unlike most HR or health care situations…the woman didn’t treat me like I was 7 and had broken the playground rules in some way. I d not an an encyclopedic knowledge of the health care system or my individual policy. In fact I’m not entirely sure it’s written in English. I am sure of this, I’ve worked here nearly a decade. I’ve paid into the system and haven’t taken as much as I’ve put in. If my company hires a third party to deal with these issue…they should do it. Last night Our Health care provider here at WHO came through for me in a big way.

The News


Is it ironic that Sen Clinton spent much of the time during last night’s debate complaining about how the Media is harder on her than it is on Sen Obama, and then all of the commentators used those comments to paint Sen Clinton as a whiner? I didn’t think anyone won the debate last night but if you ask me Clinton is in sort of a no win. If she attacks she’s seen as the shrill bitter candidate, and if she tries to be softer she is either attacked for acting or her message of experience doesn’t resonate with voters.

Good Samaritan

If there are any of you who would complain we don’t do enough “good” stories in the news…I would say this is one. A young man saw a woman’s purse get snatched in a Wal-Mart parking lot in Ankeny. He took off after the guy who stole the purse and helped police find the suspect. He says he did it, just cause it was the right thing to do. We all have smaller chances to do the “right thing” during each day. How many times to you take it? How many times do you simply say…it’s not my business, or that’s too hard? I admit that’s my attitude too often. Why don’t we do the right thing more?

School Curriculum
Should every school have to teach the same thing? Is a state-wide curriculum is being voted on at the legislature. This one is headed to the house and I’d like to hear what you have to say about it.

Searching for the Sun
I will be on a week long search for more sun and higher temperatures. I don’t know that I’ll be able to bring you back any…but I hope to bring you some pictures…or a t-shirt.


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