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Drake Wins the Valley, Second Chance voting, and Tan Jeriann

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Good Morning,
Thanks for the kind, and not so kind comments on the blog while I was gone…Unfortunately for some of you…I’m back.

Big thanks to Dan for filling in…he did a great job as usual, and to Brooke for holding the fort down. It’s a lot to have to do the show on your own, the cut-ins for the Today show and then the blog after…Oh, and she’s got that kid and a husband at home too.
I think she wanted to kill Jeriann and I both this morning when we walked in…I thought I’d been in the sun long enough to make it show…boy was I wrong. Jeriann makes me look like I didn’t even go out of town.
I am glad Pat and Jeriann are back but they are making me look bad. My pasty white complexion really pops next to their tropical tanned skin. Anyway, it is good to have them both back on the set with me.. just isn’t the same without them.

I brought some pics back…see below.

To the News:

Note to the blogger who said Drake shouldn’t make the tournament: Win or lose two weeks from now this team belongs and is exciting to watch, period!They’re one of the best, if not THE best story in College basketball this year. Comments from some of the coaches who watched the Bulldogs this weekend: I don’t want em! They made Illinois State look like University of the Sisters of the Poor…I’m laying a five spot on em to win their first round game for sure when I go to Vegas.

Do over Dems

So now we’re going to let Florida and Michigan vote? That’s set a great prescient for the 2012 election cycle. Basically, if you don’t follow party rules…there’s no penalty at all. I’m not sure why a fight over the nomination is such a bad thing all the way to (and through) the convention. I mean the Democrats running for President are getting ALL the headlines. People might actually watch a fight for the nomination come convention week. It might be compelling instead of just a coronation.

Reading List
I caught up on the reading on the bedside table this week. Here’s the verdict:

Day of Battle by Rick Atkinson… If you like WWII history there’s no one better to tell the story. I loved the book and thought it was better than his first. That one won Atkinson the Pulitzer Prize.
The Nine
Jeffry Toobin is a CNN correspondent who writes about the inner workings of the Supreme Court. It’s a page turner if you keep up with politics. There’s a lot of good stories about the confirmations hearings and selection process for the last five Justices on the Court. Great read!
I don’t read a ton these days but I am just about done with ‘The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid’ by Bill Bryson. If you grew up in Des Moines this is a must-read. It’s about Bill’s childhood in Des Moines set in the ’50’s. A lot of the landmarks and stories he shares will be familiar yet also make you thankful of the evolution of Des Moines from a nice city to a great city.

Vacation Fun
Thanks to my VERY generous Mother-in-law we had a dream vacation down in Turks and Caicos this last week. I posted a few pics here of the view from our room, the pool, sunsets and a fishing trip looking for some Bonefish (that we never found).

I’d recommend the island to anyone who asked. It’s still being built up, but it’s a fun place the we found to be family friendly and really beautiful.

We got a lot of sun, I snorkeled for the first time (saw three loggerhead turtles on the reef we were swimming around), we had drinks with names like Brown Lady(see picture at top right) and The Purple Geko, and I got to swing a golf club (which is rare in March).

Mostly we just relaxed, and slept a lot, with the sound of the waves on the beach through the screen door(That’s the pic just above and right).


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