Drake’s Dancin’, Economic Emergency? and JR’s Wedding

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Good Morning…

It was a great weekend thanks to Jeriann’s wedding in Okaboji. I’d never been up there before…man it takes a long time to get there!
We had a great time with the WHO alumni club. Brooke is hoping to put some pictures together for the blog. I’m sending flowers over to her house in the hopes the pictures of me dancing don’t make it.

To the news

The Bulldogs landed just where the experts thought they would…but it took a while. Anyone else get nervous watching the selection show?

Tampa’s not the worst place to be this time of year but being a five seed in the NCAA tournament is like swinging a black cat over your head while you walk under a ladder.
Five seeds have ended up being some of the best bets for first round upsets. Drake’s made a lot of history this year…lets hope it continues.
Travel to and from Drake’s game night be a little expensive. It’s going to cost you a lot if you want to fly to Tampa. The thing you have to remember is the number of options you have close by. Sarasota, St Pete, and Orlando are all options. There are worse places to be than Tampa in March.
I’ve already filled out my bracket sheets. More than any other year I seem to be getting offers from friends to join pools from across the country. I’m happy to join the small office pool here and then watch with interest to see if I was right. I’ve got a feeling I picked well even though I haven’t watched a lot of college basketball beyond Drake this year.
Here’s my Final Four:
North Carolina
Make your picks here or just make fun of mine…

Economic Emergency?
We’re still seeing signs that we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to credit problems in the US. Now how does this effect you? Depends on who you ask. Brad thinks we’re headed for another Great Depression. I tried to calm him down this morning with this article from CNN, but he didn’t buy it. This NY Times Article also seems to think this may be rock bottom for the economy. Meanwhile we’re seeing stories like this one in the Register this morning saying the job crisis in on in Iowa.

Now, all of these things added up may be even better news for Iowa. If the coasts are struggling, the dollar is weak against the Euro, and people can’t afford where they live; why wouldn’t a lot of these people move to the Midwest and Iowa? It’s cheaper to live here, and there are a lot of jobs that pay well. We talked to a couple at Jeriann’s wedding this morning considering a move to Des Moines from Chicago. They said they just can’t justify the expense of living in such an expensive environment anymore. You’ll hear similar stories if you’re listening hard enough.

We’ll follow the markets today and see how investors feel.
St Patrick’s Day
There’s a parade at noon downtown. This event may have to worst weather luck of any in the Metro. I can’t remember a year when the St Patrick’s Day parade has had GOOD weather.

Jeriann’s Wedding

How can you expect anything but a great party when Jeriann and her husband Rob are throwing it? Jeriann looked beautiful, The ceremony was unique and very personal, and the reception was just full of good food and a lot of fun people having a good time.

Brad even got up and sang..twice.

We’ll look forward to her return tomorrow morning and as I say, Brooke plans on sharing some of the pictures she snapped.
Have a good one!