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This is why live sports are the ultimate reality show.

In just over two hours, the Drake Bulldogs first NCAA Tournament game in 37 years provided jumping-up-and-down highs, and punch-in-the-gut lows.

It was one of those shared experiences for many of us that we’ll never forget. Central Iowans ignoring their work, huddled around televisions, and yelling at the screen. Nobody objected.

When Drake showed so much heart, and worked its way back from a 16 point deficit, it seemed like another incredible chapter in a storybook season. When the Dogs finally pulled ahead, you could hear people yelling and clapping — and many of those people didn’t really even follow Drake before this season. This team, these guys, made us care. The way they played, and even more importantly, the way they handled themselves when they weren’t playing.

The end was cruel for Drake, just as it was exhilarating for Western Kentucky. The Hilltopper coach called the NCAA Tournament the greatest show on earth, and he might be right, even when it feels like a punch in the gut.

I was proud of the way Drake kept fighting, the way the Bulldogs handled defeat with class, and perhaps most of all, the way they represented Iowa.

Once in a while a team comes along that reminds you why you love sports. This was such a team. Even in defeat.


  • Anonymous

    Couldn’t agree with you more Keith! It was the ultimate thrill ride…like skydiving for the first time, then having your chute not open, landing with a thud and somehow surviving it and realizing it was all worth the ride.~Shane

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to see that guy make 8 out of 10 of those shots like he said in the post game interview. Nevertheless, when it’s your day to die, it’s your day, and you can’t do anything about it. Congrats to the ‘Dogs for a great season. Can’t wait until next year!

  • Shawn

    The WKU shot was one of those moments when it is your team that makes it, it was the greatest shot in the world, and when it is your team it happens against, it is the luckiest shot in the world. What a great college basketball game. Games like Drake/WKU just go to show why the NCAA tournament is the greatest event in sports!! Conrats Drake for a great season. They have now laid the foundation and need to continue to build upon it and with Keno Davis at the helm, I think that will not be a problem.

  • Anonymous

    Drake had a wonderful season, They only lost by one lucky/great shot.They made us proud and showed why they deserved to be there in the first place. If there was an award for classiest team in the NCAA’s they should win it.

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