It’s good to be an Iowa sports fan

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Good morning everyone. Yes, Pat is off again today which means you were stuck with me for the entire 2 hours this morning. My colleague is in Sin City during Holy Week. Go ahead and insert joke here. Anyway, hopefully he’s getting some sleep. We got an e-mail from him this morning after I got in at 3:15 saying he was STILL up and doing well on one of the poker tables. He’s back on Monday and I cannot wait to hear all the good stories.

To the news…

Drake’s Big Day
I have read so many stories about Drake this week that I actually had a dream about the team playing in the tournament last night. In case you wondering, they won. Hopefully my dreams are prophetic. We’ll find out in a few hours. Drake plays at 11:30. I have a feeling a lot of people will be taking long lunch breaks today. Go Bulldogs!!

Also… just wanted to comment on the post we got yesterday about the Henry Iba Award story I read on Friday.

“Good Morning Brooke-this is the spirit of Henry Iba. If you refer to Keno Davis’ award on Thursday morning, please remember it is the Henry Iba award, not the Henry I B A award. I nearly fell over laughing at that one, kind of like you are not Brooke B O U M A. Guess good help really is hard to find!”

Awhhh.. that’s so sweet. Thank you.

And if you are reading this Marty Tirrell… you’re the best!

Iowa Women
The NCAA Women’s tournament starts this weekend and some of the games are being played here in Des Moines at Wells Fargo Arena. This is a big victory for Des Moines to get this because there are thousands of fans coming into town to watch their favorite teams play. Iowa State is one of them and about 4,000 tickets to their first game tomorrow have been sold. That’s very telling about the team’s following. University of Iowa plays on Sunday in Virginia. Girl Power!!

We are also covering the NCAA Wrestling Tournament in St. Louis. Iowa and Iowa State are hoping to take home the championship this year. Right now Iowa is leading and Iowa State is in third.

All of these Iowa teams make me proud of our state. Not many other states can boast so many great college teams.

Richardson Endorses Obama
Even though Bill Richardson served in Bill Clinton’s cabinet and was close to the Clinton family, he decided to endorse Barack Obama. This could be one more sign that the path to the nomination is getting very narrow for Hillary.

It’s Easter weekend and I hope all of you who are celebrating have a good time with family and friends. I am headed to Ottumwa to spend time with my family and eat lots of good food. See you Monday morning!


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