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-Vivian Stringer was dropping F-bombs? I didn’t see that, or hear it, but I have heard plenty of coaches turn court-side seats into an R rating. Larry Eustachy and Johnny Orr could both make Chris Rock blush.

How do you feel about profanity? I used to swear more than I do these days. I’ll still do it for comic effect on occasion, which some would say is wrong. I’d say check out Steve Martin at the rental car counter in Planes, Trains & Automobiles or the wedding singer in Old School. Most other times I remember some advice a coach gave me once, “find a more intelligent way to communicate”. That’s often too much to ask, but avoiding George Carlin’s seven words you can never say on TV, keeps me from accidentally saying one of them on TV, not to mention in front of the kids. Ask any parent, we all have stories of an overheard word our kid couldn’t stop saying. Funny, until he blurts it out at daycare or church.

The silliest thing I say is “son of a biscuit”. I picked that one up from Gary Thompson. Gary is so square, he never swears. He’s everybody’s all-American.

-For those of you who miss SoundOff, Shane’s right, you can listen to the audio, or if you just want to see some of the video clips, including What’s Bugging Andy, they’re almost always online the next day in the video player on the sports page.

-Kirk Ferentz had to do something. He did a good job of finally acknowledging the big, embarrassing elephant in the room: 14 or so arrested Hawkeyes in one year. Maybe a life coach will help, and it can’t hurt.

-Are there fans anywhere coming off a three win season more optimistic than Cyclone fans? It’s still too soon to schedule vacation time in late December anytime soon, but Iowa State’s relatively strong finish does look promising.

-How did things work out for Tyler Smith?

-Before Celebrity Apprentice, the only thing I knew about Trace Adkins was that he sang Honky Tonk Badonkadonk. This guy is sharp. He doesn’t say much, but when he does, it matters. I hope he wins. (Ratings tell me I just lost 80% of you.)

-Can’t wait for the Iowa Speedway to open again. We had a blast out there last year.

-Welcome back Barnstormers. If you have kids who enjoy video games, chances are good they won’t be bored.

-I’m going to my first Stars game of the season Friday night. I usually see a few, but haven’t made it this year. I’m anxious to see if the atmosphere has improved. I know the hockey is good.
-Can’t accuse the Iowa Energy of stocking the roster with unknowns. Haluska, Horner, Thomas, Stinson… we know these guys. It’s just hard to become emotionally invested in the NBDL, but the franchise is doing all it can to make us care.

-32 degrees and snowing on March 27th?! I’m almost ready to start swearing more.

-If you read this before Friday night’s at 10 p.m. newscast (3/28), and you have pride in the role wrestling plays in our state, don’t miss Brad Argo’s special report . It’s terrific. (The story should also end up in the video player at at some point.)

-Finally, if you get a chance, check out this week’s Cityview. Andy brought it to my attention. Remember the time of year and enjoy: The cover story is on the new pro basketball team, The Des Moines Dribblers.

-Hope to see you Sunday night. Andy and I will discuss what makes us Iowans.



  • Parks

    Thanks Murph and Shane (even though the response was posted by anonymous) for pointing me in the direction of Sound-Off postings. However, it doesn’t even come close to seeing the actual full video, you &%*%&%*$&#&#. Yeah, I still cuss. Sticks and stones may….and so on. Finally, nice try Cityview. Nothing beats the Pickle for that !#@$.

  • parks

    Oops, I forgot while I was trying to be so %$&^ing creative. Murph, man, the glasses are really making you look old. Why can’t you just try what my dad does, squint when you need to read something.

  • Parks

    I really need to get a life! But, Eustachy, do tell. I went to ISU during those times, and by the way, I think he was a “H E -double hockey sticks” of a coach, everyone has problems. Anyway, I have a buddy who was getting gas and guess who pulled up next to him? Yup, ol’ Larry. Well, ol’ Larry was filling up and grabbed the windshield squeegee. He washed the windshield and then proceeded to the headlights. Most of us have attempted that, I think. But, then, he continued on to the quarter panel, and the hood, and so on. My buddy said he couldn’t help but laugh, however, he did try to make it discreet. That Busch Light will make you do some crazy things, trust me. Maybe that’s why I’m so fond of him. It’s like he was one of us!

  • Footballdaddy

    My daughter managed to use a creative cuss word in daycare once.Not the one you’re probably thinking about. At least she used it in the proper context and with great authority. The day care workers didn’t ask where she heard it, because they knew. They just said they had to go into another room so the kids couldn’t see them laugh.

  • Shawn

    You cannot fault the Iowa Energy for anything. You can, however, fault IOWANS for their lack of support for most of the pro-level sports here. Everyone always complains that there is nothing to do here or that we should get such-and-such sports teams here and when they arrive, we do nothing to support it. Whats really sad and I will guarantee that I am right about this, is that on any given weekend, there will be more people in downtown Des Moines getting drunk and “looking for love” at the watering holes than attend a Stars or Energy game combined. If we cannot muster the support for a minor league franchise there is no reason for any pro franchise to have interest in Iowa or to keep the minor leagues here either.

  • Anonymous

    Tyler Smith had a good reason to leave Iowa. You can’t fault the guy can you? I mean, he wanted to be by his dad because he was dying. It was a good thing that he did leave Iowa because he was with his dad when he did die. Smith is a great player and will be a good player in the NBA when he goes.

  • Keith Murphy

    Definitely can’t fault Tyler. He did the right thing. Plus, it worked out well on the court. I’m sure being ranked #1 and playing in the Sweet 16 didn’t suck. No way that happens at the U of I this season, even with him in the line-up.

  • Anonymous

    Shawn, I think a lot of Iowans still feel a little burned about the first Barnstormers. We supported them pretty well, but got the rug pulled out from under us anyway. Besides that, we’ve got a ton of options for great basketball, and you can have a lot more fun at a buc’s game. I know there are some contracts involved, but once these leagues are out of them, I wouldn’t be suprised, or sad, to see them go.

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations Andy Fales…..Biggest Nut Sack in Iowa. That was FREAK’N HILARIOUS! I happened to be taking a drink of diet coke when you guys said that. Needless to say, we are still trying to clean the spray of coke off the living room wall. Keep up the good work.

  • matt

    wow, the whats bugging Andy segment was the best i have seen in a long time. not that all the other ones werent funny but this one topped it. it still doesnt compare to the mega dopplar one thoughthanks keith and andy

  • Anonymous

    R.I. P. Sound Off/Marty Tirrell Monday 03-31-2008 8:07am CT “Sound Off”, in its purest form, would be the standard post game radio call-in show we all have grown to love. Is there anything better than listening to Hawk Nation grip, say, after that loss to Iowa State last year? Sadly, the television version, is dying a “not too slow death. What makes this terminal television situation brutal is the fact that it is dying to self-inflicted wounds. And, when co-host Andy Fales returned from Kansas City a few months ago, things looked especially bright. Keith Murphy and Fales are great guys. “Murph” is the dean of Des Moines’ sports television (OK, you can argue John Walters) and to see a once “appointment televison” program lapse into frat house humor, replete with seriously unfunny, childish, border-line moronic prattle –is just plain sad. I’m not going to bore you with a blow-by-blow account of the latest transgressions: trust me it was brutal and unfunny. NCAA Final Four, the start of baseball, the recently completed mega Women’s run at Wells Fargo–just a few things that matter–and we got Delta Chi. I think Murph and Fales are two jaded guys on sports–conventional X’s and O’s; they clearly don’t watch games and that’s fine. But what about us who DO care? That’s why we have a clicker. “Soundoff”–TV version- R.I. P.

  • Anonymous

    That was a pathetic blog by Marty. He’s obviously still bummed about not being chosen to take over Andy’s spot when he left last spring.Bryan

  • matt

    i know its early and baseball has begun but i believe hawkeye football will dominate the 08 season

  • Anonymous

    Jealous? Over the #2 sports job on the #2 station in Des Moines, Iowa? I can see how not getting that plum job would really bum you out.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I kinda have to agree with Marty on this one. Between Andy’s attempts at humor (although I have to admit my teenage son and his buddies did think nutsack was funny), Chris humiliating himself with his singing and of course B-Ross’ quick wit and insight, this show seems to have become less and less about sports and more and more about them.

  • Aaron

    Marty Tirrell is an arrogant, pompous radio host who fancies himself the next Dan Patrick. (sorry, my eyes hurt from rolling them so far back into my head when I think of M.T.)Instead of getting a good dose of humility in being passed over for the SoundOff job, Tirrell is spouting sour grapes, plain and simple.

  • Anonymous

    “Marty Tirrell is an arrogant, pompous radio host who fancies himself the next Dan Patrick.” The only difference between Marty Tirrell and Andy Fales in this sentence is Fales is a TV host

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