Flood Warning

Close Race, Gas Apathy and My Civic Duty

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Good Morning!

NBC just released it’s latest Presidential poll and it looks like a close race any way you slice it. The two democrats are essentially tied when Dems are asked about preference. Pretty much any combination of candidates is in a close race for the November election.
The side note to this is the undercurrent in the Dems race. Is the Clinton camp trying to undermine Sen Obama if he wins the nomination and takes on Sen McCain? Maureen Dowd writes about that exact scenerio in the NYT.
Census Numbers
Good news bad new but not surprising in the 2007 census numbers for Iowa. The big cities are gaining people, the little rural counties are losing people. Iowa’s population overall in up more than two percent.

Here comes the Flood
Here’s the info from Dan Winters’ Story about the Community Center in Fort Dodge that flooded. The sprinkler system burst and flooded the entire building. What a mess!
P.O. BOX 406
or call: (515) 408-0334.

Megan Reuther talked about sleep, or lack of it, this morning. We’re all feeling a little sleep deprived right now but I don’t think it has anything to do with the hours. I’m thinking it’s just that time of year. Any of the other bloggers feeling especially run down? A little sunshine and more outdoor activity will help I’m sure. Bottom line on Megan’s story: if you’re waking up a lot at night, if you feel tired even after you’ve been sleeping for more than eight hours, or if you’re falling asleep in your soup[ at lunch…go see a doctor and get tested.

Opening Day

We’re just a couple of days away from the I-Cubs opening their season in Des Moines. Next Thursday at 3:05. Maybe we’ll do something with the Morning crew out there. I, for one, am going to at least try to make the game. A hot dog sounds pretty good right now.
Civic Duty
Thanks to all of the bloggers who’ve responded that I should just pay my fine and shut up. I see your point and in a lot of ways I agree.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to fight the fine. I think I’m going to lose, but I think the City should hear from somebody about the process.
I’m actually glad to hear more of you say people should take responsibility for their own stuff than there are people who say I should try to get out of the fine. I’m taking applications for vacation snow blowing duties at the Dix household.

You’ve also inspired me to a new level of Civic awareness.

Have a good day!

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