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I have CIETC duty today. It’s my first day covering this now in its fourth day here in Davenport. It’s a miserable-looking today outside. Chilly and rainy. We’re constantly reminded here inside. There’s the constant, annoying patter of the rain on the roof. Judge Robert Pratt judge told the jurors to let him know if the sound of the rain drowns out what they’re trying to hear here in the courtroom.

Archie Brooks has been on the stand this morning. So far, he has been saying he approved those huge bonuses for CIETC execs under the guidance of then-CEO Ramona Cunningham.

The judge just let everyone take a break for a few minutes. Brooks walked around the hallway. He then tried to sit down next to a man seated at the end of the row next to me. The man told Brooks to get away. I don’t know who the man is. Now, Brooks paced around in the courtroom, stopping to look up at the roof as the sound of the rain continued.

We’re back in action. Brooks is denying that he is the one who signed a handful of CIETC documents. I seem to remember him telling me when the story “was breaking” that he did sign documents. I questioned why the signatures looked so different in appearance. Brooks said he had had a stroke. Apparently, his memory has changed now that he is on the stand.

He testified that he did sign SOME documents giving the raise. He said on two occasions he signed two of them after he had “sexual contact” with Ramona Cunningham. He didn’t elaborate. Neither did the attorney.