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CIETC, part 2

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The man who didn’t want to talk to Brooks doesn’t seem all that interested in what Brooks is saying on the stand. Well, unless he fully concentrates with his eyes closed and head bobbing. I wish I knew who he was. BTW, he’s one of about only four others in this room, who aren’t jurors, lawyers, judges, security, defendants or reporters (or our sketch artist Katie, who’s really nice and unfortunately battling a little carpal tunnel in her “sketching arm”).

This rain overhead is really annoying. It’s having the same effect as a faucet running, if you know what I mean. Or maybe it was that espresso I gulped down before I came in here. Although it was worth it. Great breakfast this a.m, btw. We found a cool little place called the Urban Grind just a few blocks away. I had an omelet with grated cheese and mushrooms. But the best part of the meal were the potatoes. Rosemary apparently is the secret ingredient. I checked with the owner, Bill, just to make sure. I need to figure out how to make them. I wish I would have had more than seven minutes to eat them all though.

Back to the testimony… The attorney for Jane Barto (the former head of Iowa Workforce Development) repeatedly made the point with Brooks that he didn’t “conspire” with Barto, only that he did with Ramona Cunningham (CIETC’s former CEO and Brooks’ former lover, according to his testimony).

Man, the rain is really coming down outside. It’s pretty loud. The judge just asked an attorney to repeat his comment.

Brooks just let out a big sign on the stand. It’s time for a break again.

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  • KL Snow

    So I’ve heard you and several other journalists mention sketch artists in the courtroom. Is there somewhere online where we can see their sketches?

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