CIETC, part 4

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Sex, a rubber stamp and now we have gambling on company time…and your dime. Chuck Brooks, who is Archie Brooks’ big brother, said he, Victor Scaglione and Ramona Cunningham would gamble as much as 100 to 125 times over a three-year period while they were on the clock (if there was such a thing at CIETC). Brooks said he was the driver to get the trio to Prairie Meadows (they also went to the former Lakeside Casino in Osceola and Meskwaki in Tama). Normally, Brooks testified they’d gambling on Mondays, Thursdays and sometimes Fridays. They’d usually leave about 10am, he said, and return before 1. That is, unless they went to Lakeside and Meskwaki; then, it was essentially an all-day thing.

Brooks just said Ramona Cunningham wanted him to forge a signature one time, his brother’s. She told him, he testified, that he should practice it first. He said Cunningham said it was a “routine document” and that Archie was busy in a meeting. Brooks said he refused to do it.

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    Sorry, but that Archie Brooks is a snook. Nothing like trying to blame a woman for all of it and she not even around to defend herself. I’m sure she was twisting his arm all the way with the sex and the gambling and the money taking. This was a sorry group of people that took advantage of tax payers money. Don’t imagine they will ever recover from what they have done to their families and to themselves. I feel sorry for the children of these people who have to live with the embarrasement daily of what their parent has done. I know two of them and it is hard for them.

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