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House Fire, Shorter Deployments, and Visitors

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Good Morning!
I hope the weather doesn’t destroy your mood today. I was thinking on the way in…there’s usually one rain every spring that makes a big difference. It rains and it’s just cold enough to be uncomfortable for a couple of days. On the other side of that though,, there’s usually sunshine, and the grass pops, the trees start to bud and the air starts to smell like spring. I’m hoping that’s where we are by the weekend.

To the News

House Fire
An Ankeny family of four got out of their house safely this morning after a fire started. There’s no cause yet, but we found out two firefighters sustained minor injuries trying to fight this one. According to our Photojournalist Roger Riley, it was awful out there.

This could get interesting with former Board Chair Archie Brooks on the stand today. Brooks allegedly had a relationship with former CIETC CEO Ramona Cunningham, and has already entered a guilty plea in order to make a deal with prosecutors.
There are some unanswered questions a lot of people have about who ELSE knew about all of the bonuses and salary bumps given to CIETC employees and execs. Brooks may answer some of that today.
If you remember, the Federal prosecutors have been saying all along, their investigation is not closed yet and they reserve the right to bring more indictments against people if the need comes up.

Zach Watch
As I write this play has been pushed back 40 minutes for the Masters. Our Director Joe points out you can’t watch the entire thing on ESPN until this afternoon. He’s right but you can watch online starting at 9:45. So if you have fast online access you can watch some of Zach Johnson’s round live. If you get bored you can play the putting game they’ve got at Masters.org.

Tours Shortened
The President will announce the shortening of US combat tours in Iraq today. The tours will go from 15 to 12 months. That, I would think is great news for those families who will not have to be away from loved ones quite so long.

American Cancellations
I got an email from my father -in-law this morning just as I was reading the story about American Airlines delaying hundreds more flights today. The airline is inspecting and repairing its entire fleet of MD-80 aircraft. I mention my father-in-law’s email because he is actually in American’;s headquarter airport, Dallas. He’s flying to Portland today on, you guessed it, an MD-80. As of the email he was on time to go to Oregon, but as Rick is a very resourceful guy. He’d already reserved a seat on a United flight American Cancels his trip.

We had two students in from the class I spoke to at Iowa State this week. I offered to let anyone from the class come down and see a newscast and these guys were quick to take me up on it. I hope the visit was worth the trip. We had a little bit of everything for them to see this morning, a satellite interview, a live breaking news story, and a big weather forecast for Jeriann.

I’m going home to get a quick nap before masters time. I’ll be online watching.
Have a good day.