Day 2, Part 3

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Jack Cline, we know now, also became Ramona Cunningham’s gambling partner back in the day. Klein, a former supervisor at CIETC, said he went gambling in Altoona, Council Bluffs and Osceola. He figures Cunningham told staffers they were going gambling “several times a week.”

I forgot to mention this from yesterday…Sam Fucolara, “Ramona’s b*$%!” as we’ve now heard that he was called by co-workers, worked on Dan Albritton’s garden while he was supposed to be working for CIETC. He said Cunningham asked him to do it. She was there, too. He didn’t say she helped…with the garden.

O.K., maybe I’m just a loopy after my Mountain Dew at lunch, which followed by a.m. mocha latte, but do you find this scenario a little funny?-The U.S. Asst. Attorney asks each Polk County Supervisor on the witness stand: “Are you familiar with CIETC?” They respond, “Yes.” Hell, my Mom and Dad know what CIETC is. And they live in Illinois!

BTW, the Sups gave $750 grand over 3 years (from 2003-2005) to CIETC. They each testified they thought the money went for job training. They say they knew nothing that the money would go for bonuses.