Day 2, Part 4

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Richard Running is waiting his turn. He’s the former Director of Iowa Workforce Development, the state organization that was supposed to watch over the dough given to CIETC. Then-Governor Tom Vilsack canned him for apparently not doing that.

Running has been standing and looking out the window here at the federal courthouse in Davenport. Occasionally, he looks down at some notes laid out on the window sill in front of him. I wonder what’s going through his head as he waits to say what he knows about this salary scandal? After all, his former IWD Deputy Director Jane Barto is one of the three fighting to stay out of the state pen right now. I wonder if they’ve seen each other or talked since they both got fired.

Yesterday, I mentioned we had some awesome, rosemary potatoes at the Urban Grill for our breakfast (we went back there today and I ordered the exact same thing). A smarty-pants person over at the Statehouse sent me her recipe:

Red potatoes, cut them in halves or quarters and put on a greased baking sheet.
lots of olive oil over top

sprinkle w/ kosher salt and rosemary flakes

350 degrees 30 mins? (i usually just eyeball it)

could add garlic too, if that’s your thing.

For the record, I already have a similar recipe. But the ones we had here are better:)