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My Day 2

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Sex, lies and rubber stamps. How can today compare with that? David Stanley is on the stand right now. He’s another former CIETC’er. The f-bombs are have found their way back into the federal courtroom here in Davenport.

Yesterday, another former CIETC’er, Sam Fucalaro, started the f-bomb train. Apparently, other workers at CIETC used to refer to him as “Ramona’s b*!$&”. He said he did very little work at CIETC. Sometimes he would go drinking with Ramona Cunningham. Sometimes he would also go with Jane Barto, the former number two at Iowa Workforce Development. One time he said he went to Las Vegas with Cunningham to represent CIETC at a convention. But he said he couldn’t tell anything about the convention, because they had no plans to go. The purpose he said was for him to be the distraction. Cunningham didn’t want people to know she took the trip so she could have a little private time with her man, and former CIETC board member, Dan Albritton. They were in love, Fucalaro testified. Back to the f-bombs.

Fucalaro said one time Albritton and Cunningham “faked” a big argument at CIETC, just so people wouldn’t think they were together. He said they even called him the night before, so he wouldn’t “loose his cool” when he saw them fighting. He has quite a temper, he admitted.

Albritton cussed him out and threatened him, Fucalaro said (that’s where all the f-bombs come into play here) if he exposed the goings on.

O.K., back to today. David Stanley testified he also saw this “fight” between Cunnnigham and Albritton. Not nearly as juicy as the way Fucalaro described it. But Stanley did say he heard Albritton yelling at Cunningham as he left, “You, f-ing b*$#!”. Stanley did ask the judge beforehand if could swear like that.

Mary Zimmerman, another former CIETC’er, said Ramona Cunningham told her to find some work for a woman named Diane Smith. Smith at the time worked part-time for Albritton. Zimmerman testified that Cunningham told her Albritton asked if CIETC could hire Smith because he didn’t have full-time work for her.

The sun just came out. It’s about time. I got drenched last night trying to tape a piece for tv for 10pm. My clothes still don’t feel dry.