Cold Start, Check’s in the Email, and Where in the World?

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Good Morning!

I hope the start of the week doesn’t discourage anyone that Spring is, indeed, on the way. We’ll warm up mid-week, but Jeriann says cooler temperatures for now and the rain comes back at the end of the week. A reminder, speaking of the end of the week, Tulip Time kicks off in Pella next weekend. We hope the forecast changes but Jeriann doesn’t look that that optimistic.

Check’s in the E-Mail

The first round of economic stimulus checks go out early this week. When I say early this week, I mean that the check’s are going out early, and that they will come via direct deposit in the early days of the work week.

$1200 sounds pretty good right now. The story we read this morning says if we use 40% of the kickback from the government, it will still be the biggest shopping event behind Christmas and back to school.

I’m interested to hear what you all are finding more expensive these days. Aside from gas, are you noticing prices swinging up in anything else?

I can’t say I’m noticing the prices as much as I notice the lack of spending on our part. For a lot of different reasons this weekend was our first trip back to the mall in a while. That also meant the first time we’ve had lunch and/or dinner out in a long time. We’ve pulled back our spending.

Courthouse Vote

For those of you in Polk County, remember, the courthouse vote is tomorrow. The question in front of voters is: do you want to spend $127 million to build a new courthouse. You can find out more information at the courthouse) and (against it).

What do you think?

Miley too Racy for You?

So what do you think of the Miley Cyrus photos in Vanity Fair this month? The 15 year-old was part of a shoot with famed photographer Annie Leibovitz, you’ve probably seen her work even if you don’t know it’s her.

Anyway this picture appears in this month’s issue of Vanity Fair. The picture doesn’t even come close to showing the tween star topless and some media outlets reported but I think there’s still a debate to be had here…
Do you take offense? Is it appropriate to have a 15 year old pictured like this?

Where in the World?
Matt Lauer starts his week long jaunt around the globe this morning.

If you missed it he’s in Buenas Aries Argentina. The opening of the show this morning showed how good they’re getting at this kind of live remote. Matt went across the widest boulevard in the world on a mo-ped while he talked about the country…that takes some talent, both in the execution and the production. He also went fly fishing in Patagonia…lucky guy. I want to be Matt Lauer when I grow up.

We’ll look forward to his second location and if you’d like…guess his location. I’ll try to update the clue when they’re done with the show. UPDATE: MATT’S NEXT CLUE-The people in our second destination are accustomed to being looked down on…we’ll let the winds lead us to them…and we should get there on time…unless we stop for the lights.

Pretty quiet around the Dix house. Sally and I went out to dinner Friday night. It was good to see the downtown buzzing with the Relays in town.

Saturday we just bummed around the mall, picked up a couple of things we needed and took it easy.
I was asked to host a small event over at the Fairgrounds Saturday night for the Des Moines Springfest Horse Show. This was my first horse show so I really didn’t know what to expect. I was even more confused when I was asked to judge a dog contest at a horse show. It was fun…about a half dozen people dressed up their dogs for a costume contest. Even I can judge that. Our winners were a pair of dogs dressed up as a bride and groom.

My aunt Mary Murphy stopped by for a visit Saturday night. She comes out to town to teach a class every year and we enjoy the visit each time. This time she got a two for one because Matt is living here too. So we all went over and had some Pizza Saturday night.

It was also back to the gym for me this weekend. I’ve fallen off the wagon lately so I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. You’d think I’d learn. I always feel better the next day when I workout. I hope to reinforce that this week.

Hope your weekend was as relaxing as mine.


  • A.

    I think the biggest thing we notice increasing in price is gas (obviously). I know it eats up a far more substantial portion of our budget than it used to.I’m also noticing milk prices in particular, and dairy products in general are creeping up. OJ too.

  • Sharon

    ps the Last 2 Digits of our SSN end below 20. just so you know that, WE didn’t get any deposit in our banks today,just another Gov. lie!

  • rosorio

    The checkOne thing to consider about this money is that it will be accounted for taxes next year. The IRS is probably taking notice. If you ended up paying up this year and didn’t adjust your taxes get ready for some trouble next year. MileyI don’t find the picture offensive. The picture had an audience (Vanity Fair) different from what she is known for. If a magazine intended for her current audience had posted that same picture it might be inappropriate.

  • A.

    Sharon, the IRS’s website says that those who filed early and via direct deposit will receive their $$ first, *starting* April 28th, and *by* May 2. They don’t say you WILL receive your $ BY today. And besides, even if they did – the day isn’t over yet.Maybe you should lay off the caffeine and government conspiracy theories and simmer down.

  • Patrick Dix

    Glad to see some of you posting…Thought we’d lost you. Yes, I’m looking at my online account too, wondering if my rebate is going to show. We’ll see, but A makes a good point. Could be by the end of business…could be sent today, processed by your bank tomorrow…etc.Bottom line is they’re starting today.PWD

  • Patrick Dix

    More clarification from MSNBC:The Internal Revenue Service started making the deposits at 8:30 a.m. EDT Monday with the goal of completing 800,000 direct deposits each day over the first three days of this week. No deposits will be made Thursday while the IRS prepares a big batch of 5 million direct deposits scheduled on Friday.

  • A.

    I’m pretty sure the quote from the news this morning was (and I guess I”m paraphrasign here) “refunds will start going out [today] April 28th”.I’m just saying if you’re confused, do a little research, or ASK for clarification before you go spouting and crying “Government Conspiracy!!!” on a public message board.

  • Melinda

    Haven’t seen mine deposited yet either, but did a little furniture shopping anyway. Thanks in part to the refund.Yes, I’ve noticed the grocery prices going up too. I try to shop as much as I can at Costco, but there’s just some things you have to buy at a regular grocery store.

  • Doug

    They are going out in an orderly way having to do with your SS number. Mine hasn’t arrived yet either. Doesn’t matter mine is going in my gas tank anyway.

  • Titleist755

    Jeez Pat,You make a couple of comments about passing out other peoples money and you get some real response! A pull back in spending is a great way to keep some more of what is yours. Maybe now is the time to show the folks how to have a BBQ in their back yards without having to go out. It won’t make the restaurants happy, but a little more time together with friends @ home instead of out on the town might be a great way for some of us to save a little and, forbid the thought, have a different experience for a change! Video Blog anyone? I’m quite sure that Pat is an accomplished grill master. (even if there is a question, there is always help down the street and a phone call away) I thought I’d make a comment for a change instead of reading this and going back to my daily grind…………CHEERS!

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