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Good Morning!
Sometimes the anticipation of being sore is worse than actually being sore. A workout last night with my trainer and I know I’m going to be sore tomorrow. The thing is, I have to remember that this makes me feel about a thousand times better when I try to get up the next day. It doesn’t make any sense to me but a good workout usually means I’m more awake the next morning. You’d think I’d be dead tired.
The Weekend is here and we’re all glad to see it.
To the News:
The Experts expect the rate to climb to more than five percent. This is one of those stories that isn’t good nationally but seems to be holding off here in the Midwest. In fact Iowa’s unemployment numbers were a little better than expected last time around. At some point you would think some of this would balance out. It’s cheaper to live here, we have jobs…I would think people from the coasts or bigger cities would be moving to places like Iowa.

Tulip Time
Jeriann had some4 good news. It’s not going to be a total rain out for Tulip time. In fact this morning we’re going to have some rain but she was saying the afternoon and evening parades should be great. Enjoy the Dutch letters.


Lost in the headlines about Iraq is the war that’s still going on in Afghanistan. NBC did some great reporting from there last night on Nightly News. If you missed the stories Here’s a link to the first. It’s about a woman who got a Silver Star for Heroism in the face of fire. The problem? Officially women are not supposed to be in combat roles. It’s actually illegal.

My question is should it be? Should women be allowed to volunteer for combat roles?

The second was some reporting from the front lines of what they’re calling the Spring Offensive. Great combat photojournalism that gave a great feel for what Marines were going through.
Where in the World?
See we were wrong again this morning so no one knew where Matt was until the show actuallyy started. He’s in the Seychelle Islands. It’s off of Africa’s east coast in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Brooke knew where it was right away. I admit to not knowing where the heck it was. Looks beautiful, and an appropriate place for Matt to wrap up the week. I can imagine that’s an exhausting trip!
Chopper Video Blog
Roger Riley takes us on a tour of Chopper 13. He loves it…he really does, and Roger is a trooper about his duties. Sometimes trips in Chopper 13 leave Roger with an extended day, but he also gets to see Iowa in a really unique way. He and pilot Fred Redman do a great job and now that we’ve got better light during the morning show, look for Chopper 13 more often on Today in Iowa.

Friday Night should be a pretty quiet night then it’s off to a fundraiser Saturday night. It looks like I’m going to be able to clean off our screened in porch on the front of the house this weekend too. That signals the start of the summer season for us!

Hope you have a great Weekend.


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