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Curious About George

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Repubs have apparently found their George to take them to that de-lux apartment in the sk-y-y…I mean to Washington.

Seems like the Repub establishment has focused on George Eichhorn to take on Democrat Tom Harkin for the U.S. Senate. George Eichhorn’s campaign sent out a list of (by my count) 33 Republicans endorsing his bid for the June primary. The top three names on the list include Sen. Minority Leader Ron Wieck, former Senate Prez Jeff Lamberti and former GOP Chair Mike Mahaffey. You won’t find current House Minority Leader Christopher Rants on that list. I recall watching a very heated exchange between Rants and Eichhorn several years ago in the House chamber (that was before rookie Democratic politican McKinley Bailey took away the seat in the fall).

Tom Harkin’s campaign has taken notice. It just sent out a fundraising appeal noting Eichhorn’s entrance into the race.

Dear Dave:

Tom Harkin launched his re-election campaign in March to serve Iowa as our United States Senator and continue the fight for progressive change for our state and our country.

The Harkin campaign is busy preparing for November, building the organization, raising the funds, and working hard every day to make sure Tom can continue to fight for us in the Senate.
Click here to help our campaign by making a donation today.

So far this year two Republicans are actively campaigning to challenge Tom in November, Steve Rathje and Chistopher Reed.

Earlier this week a third Republican announced his candidacy for the Senate. George Eichhorn appears to have the institutional Republican support that could make him competitive in the June 3 Republican primary and beyond.

Show your support for Tom Harkin by clicking here to make a donation of $25, $50, or $100 today.

According to the Associated Press, “Eichhorn released a list of 33 prominent Republicans who are endorsing his effort. Supporters include state Senate Minority Leader Ron Wieck and former Senate President Jeff Lamberti.”

We have long known that the Republicans are not going to go out without a fight. In all of Tom’s previous elections, well-funded conservatives have waged hard and dirty campaigns, laden with distortions of Tom’s tremendous record of accomplishment. We expect this campaign to be no different.

Tom is unafraid of Republican attacks and has repeatedly stood up for us by taking on the Bush Administration. In fact, last year Tom was literally the strongest congressional critic of the Bush status quo, as he won the distinction of being “the most vetoed Senator” by the Administration.

Iowans want positive change, and that’s why Tom is taking nothing for granted and is hard at work to build a blue Iowa in 2008.

Please show your support for real change in Washington by clicking here to make a donation to our campaign today.

Thank you for your support.

Jeff Link
Campaign Manager
Citizens for Harkin

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